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photography pink manta ray photographer amazing stunning pics pictures rare lady elliot island | a shot taken underwater from below low angle the bottom of a pink manta ray swimming above the viewer with some normal colored manta rays in the background blue sea ocean bellow surface unusual Inspector Clouseau

Photographer Captures Stunning Images Of The World's Only Known Pink Manta Ray

What a breathtaking sight!
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New Funko Pop Figure Honors The Heroic Australian Firefighters And Helps Raise Funds For Animals

Funko Pop Figure Featuring Australian Firefighters
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koalas rescue firefighters australia american crash fires bushfires rescued honoring news sad heartbreaking | photos of three men who perished while on duty in australia one wearing a headset one in a military jacket and one on the beach

Rescued Koalas Named After Fallen Firefighters During Australia's Wildfire

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
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Boy makes clay Koalas to Raise Money For Injured Animals in Australia | note handwritten by child: THANK YOU FOR HELPING AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS LOVE OWN photo of a young boy holding a small plant with koala sculptures in it

6-Year-Old Boy Makes Tiny Clay Koalas to Raise Money For Bushfire affected Animals in Australia

Boy makes clay Koalas to Raise Money For Injured Animals in Australia
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Cuteness invasion!

facebook post by lutz preusche dropbear feeding time for refugees from kangaroo island, this extremely dangerous task is undertaken by specially trained military team whose primary role is to defend australia from invasion row of people in military uniforms syringe feeding koalas wrapped in blankets
Via Lutz Preusche
kangaroos in the rain after Australia bush fires

Prayers Were Answered And Animals In Australia Celebrate The Arrival Of The Blessed Rain

Animals In Australia Celebrate The Arrival Of The Rain
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australia flooding koalas alligators fires animals reptiles park rain rainfall floods water crazy wtf

Australia's Rising Waters Is Now A Playground For Alligators (Video)

Australian Reptile Park protecting animals from rainfall and keeping alligators at bay
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tweets twitter dog toy wholesome australia bushfires | tweet by dog_rates This is OJ. After safely evacuating, him and his family returned their home Wairewa, Australia yesterday find entirely destroyed by fires. But amongst rubble, OJ found his favorite toy had survived. 14/10 never letting go again. photo of a golden retriever lying on ashy ground chewing on a plush toy

Family Returns Home After Australia Bushfire To Discover Dog's Toy Survived

OJ and his family return home to find everything in ruins except on thing
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Via khattakgreat95
art illustration Australia fire koalas kangaroos powerful instagram fires | kangaroo mother and son kanga and roo from winnie the pooh trapped in bushfire, kanga lies dead on the ground with roo peeking out from under her

Artists From Around The World Band Together To Spread Awareness Of Australia Bushfires

Art can be extremely powerful, in sending a message to the world.
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air dropping food for animals in danger | people in safety jackets and helmets fly a red helicopter above australian bush dropping carrots to wallabies in the wild

Sweet Potatoes And Carrots Are Being Airdropped To Help Endangered Wallabies In Australia

Airdropping food for endangered wallabies in Australia
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The real MVPs

world's largest wombat held by a person: apparently wombats in fire effected areas are not only allowing other animals to take shelter in their deep, fire resistant burrows but are actively herding fleeing animals into them. we're seeing more leadership and empathy from these guys than the entire federal government
Via @RichardAOB
photos of animals rescued from the Australian fires | adorable baby animal with big ears and a tail wearing a cast on one of its legs. small bat wrapped up in a blanket.

Rescue Organization in Australia Celebrates The Small Wins By Publishing Photos Of Animals Rescued From The Fires

Photos of rescued animals
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cartoon of steve irwin welcoming animals from the australian fire | drawing of australian animals kangaroos, koalas, lizards, emus. steve irwin welcoming them saying "crikey! don't worry little guys! i'll take care of you"

Illustration Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Animals Into Heaven Hits Hard

Cartoon Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Animals
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heroes teens rescue koalas australia australian bushfire news | two koalas resting inside a car, one lying down on the seat and another hanging from the seatbelt

Aussie Teens Rescue Koalas In Fire Zone And Load Them Into Their Car

Two Aussie teens have been named heroes for rescuing injured koalas
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dog bear hero koala koalas australia australian bushfires fires story amazing | cute spotted dog in a safety vest swimming in neck deep water

Koala Detection Dog Named Bear Saves Injured Koalas

Bear the detection dog who sniffs out sick, orphaned and injured koalas
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