I Can Has Cheezburger?


an adorable kangaroo eating lettuce with her baby | thumbnail includes photos of tree kangaroo and her baby eating

Tree Kangaroo And Her Baby Munch On Lettuce (Video)

Monch Monch Monch
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video of red crab migration | thumbnail image of roads blocked off sign, thumbnail right image of red crab

Roads Closed On Christmas Island To Welcome Annual Migration Of Red Crabs (Video)

Feeling crabby?
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tumblr thread about how cute the Tasmanian Devil is | thumbnail includes a picture of the Tasmanian Devil and a tumblr post 'Plant - synapsid-taxonomy Follow Me: The Tasmanian devil is a voracious predator and should not be engaged with Also me: Heehoo pupper'

Tumblr Thread: The Tasmanian Devil Is Dangerously Petable

Let's be real, we would all pet them anyway.
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article about a duck fashion show in australia | thumbnail includes three potos of dapper ducks and the text 'I just learned that australia has a duck fashion show and I'm no longer mentally ill'

Ducks Through The Decades: A Timeline Of Duck Fashion Show Trends

Big Duck Energy.
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tumblr thread about Australian birds being jerks | thumbnail includes a tumblr post 'Font - millshouse why has nobody mentioned the fact that in australia there are 3-4 months a year where everybody just accepts that they're going to get attacked by magpies. It is literally called "swooping season" and these birds will fly down to peck your fucking face, and people get their eyes ripped out and shit, it's fucking brutal. sociopathic-italian-grandmas My teacher had to go to hospital and have'

Tumblr Thread: Unbelievable Stories Of Australian Birds Being Jerks

Jerks but still cute.
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video of two kookaburras relaxing with woman in her home on couch | thumbnail two kookaburras in living room together

Hanging Out With Outgoing Kookaburras On The Couch (Video)

Kooky birbs
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video of a wild kookaburra coming inside to visit a person | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird looking at the camera

Wild Kookaburra Comes Inside For A Friendly Visit (Video)

Birds are p good.
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story about cockatoos opening up trash cans by themselves | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo lifting a trash can lid 'There could be multiple explanations for this activity. It can be mischief just for the sake of it, or just plain curiosity Professor Kaplan'

Beware: Cockatoos In Australia Have Officially Learned How To Open Trash Bins

They're. Taking. Over.
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18 Pictures of Kangaroos from the Kangaroo Sanctuary | thumbnail left pic baby kangaroo relaxing, thumbnail right pic baby kangaroo cuddling with stuffed animal

Jumping For Joy: Snapshots At The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Wholesome Goodness From The Land Down Under
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story about a huge goanna showing up at someone's backyard and going viral thumbnail includes two pictures of a large reptile standing near a glass window 'Adaptation - I was just at home the other day trying to do some uni work and this thing shows up at my house © sabellryan TIKTOK'

Ten-Foot-Long 'Dinosaur' Shows Up At Student's Backyard

Somewhat horrifying somewhat hilarious.
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diver captures rare images of elusive penis fish - thumbnail of penis fish "wait is that the beloved one eyed willy?"

Diver Captures Rare Photos Of The Elusive "Penis Fish"

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first koala to get a prosthetic foot - thumbnail of koala with prosthetic foot

Australian Dentist Creates First Prosthetic Foot For Koala

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story about wombats saving other animals by letting them drink from their waterholes thumbnail includes two pictures of wombats

Wombats Are Saving Other Animals From The Drought in Australia By Digging Craters

Hero wombats.
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zookeeper from australia shares his love for animals - thumbnail of zookeeper hugging koala bear and koala kissing his forehead

Australian Zookeeper Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Wild Job

And it's awakening everyone's love for animals
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zoo celebrates holidays spirit by giving animals christmas related ornaments decorations items tree snow merry xmas

Animals At Sydney Zoo In Australia Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

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story about the world's smallest possum being rediscovered on Kangaroo Island despite fears of it being wiped out by bushfires thumbnail includes a picture of two tiny pygmy possums held in someone's hands

Almost Wiped Out By Bushfires, World's Smallest Possum Discovered

incredible news!
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