I Can Has Cheezburger?


18 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their cats in funny positions | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black and white cat stretching on a chair and a tabby cat sitting like a human 'draw me like one of your french girls - Rose'

Cats Pose To Be Drawn Like One Of The French Girls

They're ready for their close up
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A YouTube video of a woman grooming a cat for the first time | Thumbnail includes a dark tortie cat looking up

Babka The Tortie Cat Goes To Groomer And Turns Out To Be A Purrfesional Escape Artist (Video)

She's brilliant
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Artist Channels Her Inner Horse Girl and Goes Viral for Epic Photos of Horses in a Field Before a Storm

Artist Channels Her Inner Horse Girl and Goes Viral for Epic Photos of Horses in a Field Before a Storm

She really captures the majestic essence of these magical creatures.
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an adorable comic about a cat | thumbnail includes a drawing of the cat comic with the text 'How to wrap a present when you have a cat'

How To Wrap A Present When You Have A Cat: A Side-Splitting Comic

I Can Has Help?
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clifford the big red dog reimagined as a cat - thumbnail of clifford the big red cat and he's about to push over a water tank

If 'Clifford The Big Red Dog' Was Actually A Cat (Comics)

This is so accurate
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video of funny and inaccurate medieval art | thumbnail nice try artistic rendition of alligator next to actual image of alligator

Enthusiastically Inaccurate Medieval Art of Animals (Video)

So funny and so incorrect
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12 animal paintings some on feathers | thumbnail left four painted feathers one goldfish, dog, parrot, and red panda, thumbnail right black cat painted on feather

Artist Paints Amazing Animal Portraits On Feathers, Canvas, And More

Fine art on feathers
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13 tweet text based images about cat as artists | thumbnail left torn up toilet paper on roll "choosing to see my cat as an artist Bowie Bernstein-Morrow (b. 2020) A Shred of Dignity, 2021 Mixed media on drywall"

Twitter Thread: Choosing To See Cats As Artists Instead Of Mischief Makers

Hooligans or artists?
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40 animals and sculpture images | thumbnail left  white flowy dog and sculpture, thumbnail right black cat and sculpture

Japanese Artist Turns Animals Into Amazing 3D Sculptures

Art And Animals
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tweets about the river bear trend thumbnail includes a picture of a bear lying in a river and a drawing of the same bear 'malin @madebymaIin my humble contribution to river bear trend 37.6K  Retweets 415  Quote Tweets 153.9K  Likes'

Twitter Having A Blast With The 'River Bear' Trend (Viral Tweets)

The cutest internet trend.
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pixie and brutus play hide and seek - thumbnail of brutus playing hide and seek "Alright. Ready or not, here I ... come."

Another Humorous 'Pixie and Brutus' Hide-And-Seek Comic

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jenny jinyas newest comic of a swan who died from heartbreak | Please! Go away! Comic by JennyJinya Please just.just leave

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Heartbreak Is Based On A True Story

Get ready for a whole punch of feels
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cats discuss their recent meals via video call - thumbnail includes two images of cats talking about what they ate | had tuna Lucky had dry food

Cats Discuss Their Recent Meal (Comic)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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artist images what life would be like with and without a dog - thumbnail of man getting offered puppy, one slide of him turns down the offer and the other accepts

Artist Imagines Scenarios With And Without A Dog

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thoughts cats have right before they fall asleep - thumbnail of sleepy cat "I'm so tired, I haven't slept for over an hour"

Deep Thoughts Cats Have Before They Fall Asleep (Comics)

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art creates incredible mushroom dragons - thumbnail of two mushroom dragons | Shiitake Fig.3 (Lentinula edodes MushroomSmaugust Coliandre | Bolet Fig.1 (boletus depilatus MushroomSmaugust Coliandre

Artist Creates Imaginative And Incredible Mushroom Dragons

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