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animal rescue

story about a circus bear getting rescued and brought into sanctuary thumbnail includes two pictures including a bear in a cage and a bear with apples

Circus Bear Living In Terrible Conditions Rescued And Brought To Sanctuary

Time to start a new - happy life.
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A cover photo of a dog wholes name is Chloe, who is a 13-year-old Maltese mix and on the photo says "Pet of The Month" and that chloe is in need of a tumor removal surgery

Pet of the Month: Chloë, 13-year-old Maltese mix, In Need of Tumor Removal Surgery

Together we can help Chloë!
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collection of stories of rescued animals and their rescuers thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a gunshot wound and another of an owl with singed wings

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (November 2020)

Showing some love and appreciation for our heaters!
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A cover image which shows an adorable kitten with 2 casts on his front legs looking away from the camera while the text says "Pet of the Month" Leo, a 10-Week-Old Kitten That Was Dropped by a Hawk

Pet of The Month: Leo, 10-Week Old Kitten, in Need of Emergency Leg Surgery

Rescued Kitten Dropped by a Hawk needs help!
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A Group Of Volunteers Saves a Tiny Seal Who Was Stuck In Rocks For Hours | cute baby seal covered in a colorful blanket

A Group Of Volunteers Saves a Tiny Seal Who Was Stuck In Rocks For Hours

Saving a stuck seal
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Meet The Rare Golden Possums Of Australia | cute marsupial with yellow golden fur and a pink nose snout and pointy ears

Meet The Rare Golden Possums Of Australia

Golden Possums
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Teen saves her dog from drowning | a fully dressed woman jumping into a pool where a shadow of a dog is visible underwater | screengrab from a tiktok of a girl hugging a dog

Teen Goes Viral After Saving Her Dog From Drowning While Performing a TikTok Dance

Dog recue
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Police officers rescuing animals | police officer standing on the road beside a stopped cop car | This cop stops traffic so he can pick up turtle and put him safe place on other side road

Kind-Hearted Police Officers Who Sworn Duty To Protect Animals

Police officers rescuing animals
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men in quarantined wuhan china takes care of pets

A Light In The Darkness: Meet The Cat Rescuer Of The Sealed Coronavirus Wuhan

The Cat Rescuer Of Wuhan
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Couple saves disabled sheep | a bearded man wearing a shower cap and a red tank top sitting in a plastic tub filled with water outdoors together with supporting a white sheep wearing a harness Caters News Agency water therapy physiotherapy

Couple Postpones Wedding After Spending 40,000$ On Moko, Their Adopted Disabled Sheep

Couple saves sheep
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New Funko Pop Figure Honors The Heroic Australian Firefighters And Helps Raise Funds For Animals

Funko Pop Figure Featuring Australian Firefighters
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Grey Fluffy Cross Eyed Cat Named Belarus with a cute confused expression looking in two directions at once

A Cross Eyed Cat Named Belarus Fund Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Animal Charities With His Goofy Look

Cross Eyed Cat Named Belarus
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air dropping food for animals in danger | people in safety jackets and helmets fly a red helicopter above australian bush dropping carrots to wallabies in the wild

Sweet Potatoes And Carrots Are Being Airdropped To Help Endangered Wallabies In Australia

Airdropping food for endangered wallabies in Australia
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cartoon of steve irwin welcoming animals from the australian fire | drawing of australian animals kangaroos, koalas, lizards, emus. steve irwin welcoming them saying "crikey! don't worry little guys! i'll take care of you"

Illustration Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Animals Into Heaven Hits Hard

Cartoon Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Animals
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koala saved from fire by truck driver | man in safety vest sitting in the cabin of his truck petting a koala sitting on top of the dashboard

Adorable Koala Escaped From Burning Trees In Australia And Was Saved by a Water Tanker Driver

Koala was saved by a water tanker driver
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pigeon wearing cowboy hat

A Disturbing Mystery: Pigeons Wearing Cowboy Hats Were Spotted in Las Vegas

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