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10 reddit text images, inlaws replace woman's dog | thumbnail blue background text "we got back we went straight to his parents house to collect our dog but I knew straight away something was wrong. The dog they had wasn't mine (looked identical but was missing identifying marks). I lost my cool and started yelling at them but they denied everything and said I was just stressed and tired. "

In-Laws Trade Son And His GF's Dog In For Better Behaved Lookalike Assuming They Wouldn't Notice, Outrage Ensues

Are you kidding me
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11 reddit text images, husband washes dogs with fancy shampoo | thumbnail blue background text "ITA: Part of my weekly cleaning on Friday is giving our two dogs a bath. It's normally my last task, and I'm rushing before she gets home from work. Admittedly, because I'm in a rush to have the house and dogs clean before she gets home, I will completely ignore other options and use her shampoo. Also her good towels. Her nice shampoo. "

Husband Washes Dogs With Wife's Expensive Shampoo And Towels, Fails To See The Issue

He did what now
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14 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text "We actually met our upstairs neighbor when she was petting him, and her and my girlfriend became friends. That friendship lasted until our cat started spending more and more time at her place. More and more frequently our routine was interrupted when M (our cat) would stay at her place overnight. We live in a large appartment complex on the ground floor whereas she lives on the 3rd with a nice view. M can walk up there easily."

Jealous Cat Owners Set Strict Boundaries After Their Cat Consistently Visits The Neighbor's Apartment

Gimme my cat back lady
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10 reddit text images, stolen cat | thumbnail blue background text "She was angry and started calling us cruel to leave Noodle for 3 days. We got mad and asked her why she cared more about a cat who doesn't even really care that we are gone than her kid who had his property stolen and their DIL who had her HOUSE AND CAR KEYS STOLEN. She hung up on us after saying she was gonna come to get the cat. I texted her and said that if I got back home and my cat was gone, "

Delusional Mother-In-Law Steals Cat, Surprised When Son And Daughter-In-Law Call Cops

Drama with a capital D
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13 text based reddit images, dog custody debacle | thumbnail blue background text "Well, it's been 2 months since Beca and I broke up, I won't mention the reasons. The only thing that was in doubt would be the Sand. In the beginning, he always spent 3 days a week with her and everything, but I started to feel that he came back with bad behaviors and a little anxious, which I discovered later on that "

Frustrated Dog Owner Refuses To Share Doggo Custody With Ex, Turns To Internet For Advice

Love hurts
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10 reddit text images, scary cat | thumbnail blue background text "Both my nieces are 11 so they're not too little for me to handle and i'd also be great enrichment for my cat since she loves children and women (i'm the only man she trusts). My nieces loved her and while they first were a little scared they thought she was cute after a while. My sister went to pick them up and as the"

Insensitive Woman Forbids Brother From Watching Her Kids Due To His Disabled Cat's 'Scary' Appearance

We are over humans
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10 reddit text images, cat on a leash | thumbnail blue background "My cat is sitting on my feet between the desk and my legs, back arched and fur sticking up but not hissing or growling just kind of frozen. The receptionist is yelling at the guy to get his dog under control or get out while he's yelling at me for being so stupid as to have a cat in public on a leash instead of in a cage."

Dude Takes His Cat To The Vet On A Leash, Gets Chewed Out By Everyone Present

Try again
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background snake background "I(27M) have always been an animal lover. I love snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, geckos, dogs, cats. When I moved out of my parents' house and into my townhome, I decided to adopt a ball python. She is very docile and loves to be held. I set her tank up in one of the rooms downstairs. When my fiance(28F) and I decided that we were ready to move in together, I slowly introduced her to the snake. "

Insensitive Woman Wreaks Havoc On Fiance's Pet Snake, Plays Dumb

Peace out, lady
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I reminded her of our deal, so she told me that not letting the dog sleep on the bed was cruel and that dog beds must not be very comfortable "

Wife Disregards Husband's Wishes And Allows Dog To Sleep In Bed, Husband Left Disgruntled

Compromise is key
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reddit thread about boyfriend defending cat over girlfriend | thumbnail includes part of a reddit thread 'AITA for taking my cats side over my gf? Font - Anyway we watching a movie high af when we heard a loud clash. We rushed out to see what had happened. Ofc the cat had pushed the cup off, as cats do. And she ran over and started screaming at him, and being the cat that he is he doesn't understand english so he just started walking away. My gf then pushed him off the banister, he landed'

Girlfriend Mistreats Boyfriend's Cat, He Takes Cat's Side, Wonders If He Did The Right Thing: AITA

Did he do the right thing?
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "About an hour in a young lady like myself came with a service dog and opened the door to my compartment and came in. It wasn't locked because I had forgotten. I asked her what she was doing and she replied with "There is more than enough space and I need the extra space for my dog" I was a little annoyed to be honest. I replied "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to please leave and not stay" "It is because I have a disability isn't it"

Woman With Dog Allergy Books Train Compartment, Turns Away Passenger With Service Dog

Not self explanatory
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Reddit thread about a woman not wanting to pay money to take care of her cat | thumbnail includes part of a Reddit thread 'AITA not wanting pay unnecessary money my cat?' 'He argues that it's not safe to leave the cat outside for a week, that she might get bullied by raccoons or coyotes, but I've always done it this way and I've never had a problem. We even have a camera on our front porch so we can check in on her and make sure she eats every day. I'

AITA: Woman Doesn't Want To Spend Money To Take Care Of Cats During Week-Long Vacation, Boyfriend Gets Pissed Off

Reddit and Twitter come to the same verdict.
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I thought it would be fine and could be laughed off but in the morning my sister in law said that she wanted me to keep the cats confined so they couldn't go in the room or be near the door, she said that fluffy was sitting outside the door when she opened it to go to the bathroom and scared her again. She said I should keep the cats in a separate part of the house so they wouldn't go near the room."

Karen Sister-In-Law Demands Host Restrict Her Cats To Avoid Contact With Them

Karen's at it again, this time at her sister-in-law's place
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13 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Well, his mom showed up eventually and the minute he saw her he madly started pointing at the dog, saying- the lady won't let me pet it, the lady won't let me pet it! She waved him off and said, go ahead."

Karen Fumes When Woman Refuses Kid's Advances To Pet Her Dog, Causes Scene In Supermarket

There goes Karen, causing a scene
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10 reddit text images, aita dog vet bills | thumbnail blue background text " When we got back up to where the food was left, the neighbors dog was on the table, eating the food, and had ripped the covers off."

Presumptuous Neighbors Expect Woman To Cover Vet Bills After Their Dog Eats Her Leftover Chocolate

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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Married for two years, have been together for three. We have an almost 1y/o son together. We bought the dog together but it was entirely my ex's responsibility if that makes sense. He does all the work, we jointly paid for her."

Husband Goes MIA For 45 Days, Livid Upon Return When He Discovers Wife Has Re-homed His Dog

Ridonkulousness in a Reddit thread
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