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article about a dog sanctuary in costa rice | thumbnail includes a photo of the dogs from the animal sanctuary and text 'the world's largest dog sanctuary'

World Of Animals: Inside The World's Largest Dog Sanctuary In Costa Rica

Such a pawsome place!
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video about an alligator sanctuary | thumbnail is a photo of the alligators from overhead

The Alligator Sanctuary Which Rescues Unwanted Pets (Video)

A safe place for a dangerous species.
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13 images story of tiger was relocated to sanctuary celebrating first birthday | thumbnail tiger in sanctuary playing with pinata with two presents wrapped and pumpkin, text "tiger rescued from freezing backyard cage celebrates 1st birthday at sanctuary"

Tiger Rescued From Freezing Backyard Cage Celebrates 1st Birthday At Sanctuary

Elsa celebrates her birthday in style
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video of rescue donkey introduced to other donkeys on sanctuary | thumbnail two donkeys saying hello to each other being introduced

Newest Rescue Meets The Resident Sanctuary Donkeys (Video)

Warming up to the crew
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video of elderly bat living at animal sanctuary |

Elderly Bat Once Used For Experiments Now Lives His Best Life With His Human Pal (Video)

Bat World Sanctuary and Enzo's home, was founded in 1992 to offer lifetime sanctuary to non releasable bats while also rescuing and rehabilitating releasable bats. Enzo arrived there in 1996 after previously living in a lab doing DNA research. He was rescued along with two cute friends! Since living at the sanctuary, Enzo is treated like a king! He is very well cared for and even gets medication for his arthritis. Enzo is a super relatable bat, he likes melon and naps. Hey! So do we! This guy g…
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video of wombat's life | thumbnail left baby wombat being bottle fed, thumbnail right wombat with man "I'm trusting you"

Sweet Baby Wombat Grows To Be Mischievous Teenage (Video)

Wardoo the Wombat is resident of an animal sanctuary in Australia and is living his best life. Wardoo used to be the most gentle and loving little wombat, but all of that changed once he hit puberty. As a baby, Wardoo was too cute for words. Watching him get used to his tiny little body was a charming experience, he is so full of love and affection and he gives it all to his amazing caretakers. When he got a bit older he started to take an interest in EVERYTHING. Everything meaning, dirty laund…
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video of donkey named hazel fascinated by man and guitar | thumbnail left hazel donkey and man cuddling plus guitar, thumbnail right "and i started to play and she just gravitated towards me"  man with donkey

Donkey Snuggles Into Guy's Shoulder Every Time He Plays Guitar (Video)

Hazel the Donkey has lived in an animal sanctuary for twenty years! The first time Christopher played the guitar for Hazel he was surprised by her reaction. She started cuddling up to him and it was clear that Hazel adored him. The sweet wholesome bond between Christopher and Hazel is clearly driven by Christopher's music and good vibes. Every time Christopher leaves the animal sanctuary Hazel can't help but cry a little. Their sweet bond is truly heartwarming. It is amazing to see how animals …
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18 Pictures of Kangaroos from the Kangaroo Sanctuary | thumbnail left pic baby kangaroo relaxing, thumbnail right pic baby kangaroo cuddling with stuffed animal

Jumping For Joy: Snapshots At The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Wholesome Goodness From The Land Down Under
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imgur threads about two newborn puppies with cleft lips and an older dog with a cleft lip thumbnail includes two pictures of newborn puppies with cleft lips

Welcoming And Taking Care Of Two Newborn Puppies With Cleft Lips

The tinies are being tube fed for the next few weeks.
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story about a circus bear getting rescued and brought into sanctuary thumbnail includes two pictures including a bear in a cage and a bear with apples

Circus Bear Living In Terrible Conditions Rescued And Brought To Sanctuary

Time to start a new - happy life.
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kaavan the world's loneliest elephant is now at a sanctuary in cambodia | singer Cher in sunglasses and a face mask holding up a sign that reads "CHER KAAVAN"

Icon Cher Helps Rescue Kaavan, "World's Loneliest Elephant," From Pakistan Zoo

He's being transferred to a sanctuary
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loneliness elephant zoo sanctuary released sad poor conditions lonely animals elephants cambodia news

'World's Loneliest Elephant' To Be Released From Zoo

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Sandra The Orangutan Washing Her Enclosure After Witnessing Caretakers Do So (Video)

sandra orangutan washing hands enclosure caretakers viral video amazing intelligence animals apes sanctuary
Via Center for Great Apes
blind elephants classical music old ailing elephant sanctuary animals thailand piano pianist paul barton beautiful youtube video

Classical Pianist Plays To Soothe Blind, Ailing Elephants At Sanctuary

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beluga whales sanctuary freedom aww awesome amazing beautiful sea life video youtube

Captive Beluga Whales Transported 6,000 Miles to New Ocean Refuge

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lions circus rescued sanctuary love rescue heartwarming aww grass video youtube freedom africa animals wildcats

Rescued Circus Lions First Touch Of Grass (Video)

All the feels
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