I Can Has Cheezburger?


video about reunion between woman and elephant in nature | thumbnail image of woman looking at elephants in field, green trees

Woman Reunited With Old Elephant Friend: Powerfully Wholesome (Video)

Wholesome reunion
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an article about a sanctuary for wild birds in South Africa | thumbnail includes two photos of wild birds in the sanctuary

World Of Animals: Inside A South African Bird Sanctuary

Caw-Come On!
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an article about an animal sanctuary where you can hug cows in California | thumbnail includes text saying 'Get an adorable cow hug at  The Gentle Barn sanctuary in '

World Of Animals: The Sanctuary Where You Can Hug A Cow

A Pawsome Place To Visit!
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video of gorilla sanctuary in the congo | thumbnail image of gorillas in wood area with trees

A Mountain Gorilla Sanctuary, The Senkwekwe Centre (Video)

Truly special
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an awdorable article about baby donkeys being super cute | thumbnail includes text saying 'synchronized donkeys' and two donkey photos

Wee Donkeys That Are Just Too Cute: Delightful Photos And Tweets

"Donkey!" -Shrek, probably
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an awwdorable story about Moby the pig, cute video | thumbnail includes a photo of Moby and his brother Billy

Moby The Positive Pig Enjoys Living With His Best Friend (Video)

Oink Oink!
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an article about the outer Hebrides and the animals there  | thumbnail includes a scenic photo of the outer Hebrides with text 'The Outer Hebrides'

World Of Animals: A Peek Into A Remote Scottish Island Filled With Wildlife

Sheep on the beach!
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an article about a bear sanctuary in Romania | thumbnail includes two photos of bears and the text 'inside a romanian bear sanctuary'

World Of Animals: Inside A Bear Sanctuary In Romania

Bear-y Awesome!
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a video about Jenna the cow who lives on a farm animal sanctuary | thumbnail includes two photos of Jenna

Jenna The Cow Loves Her Forever Home (Video)

Hooman or Cow?
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article about a cat sanctuary in Hawaii | thumbnail includes two photos of the sanctuary, one in the daytime and one at the nighttime

World Of Animals: Inside A Hawaiian Cat Sanctuary

Kitty Pur-adise!
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an informative article about wolf dogs | thumbnail includes two photos of wolf dogs and text 'is it safe to own a wolf dog?'

Get The Facts About Wolf Dogs From A Canadian Sanctuary

Raising awareness about a special breed.
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article about a dog sanctuary in costa rice | thumbnail includes a photo of the dogs from the animal sanctuary and text 'the world's largest dog sanctuary'

World Of Animals: Inside The World's Largest Dog Sanctuary In Costa Rica

Such a pawsome place!
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video about an alligator sanctuary | thumbnail is a photo of the alligators from overhead

The Alligator Sanctuary Which Rescues Unwanted Pets (Video)

A safe place for a dangerous species.
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13 images story of tiger was relocated to sanctuary celebrating first birthday | thumbnail tiger in sanctuary playing with pinata with two presents wrapped and pumpkin, text "tiger rescued from freezing backyard cage celebrates 1st birthday at sanctuary"

Tiger Rescued From Freezing Backyard Cage Celebrates 1st Birthday At Sanctuary

Elsa celebrates her birthday in style
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video of rescue donkey introduced to other donkeys on sanctuary | thumbnail two donkeys saying hello to each other being introduced

Newest Rescue Meets The Resident Sanctuary Donkeys (Video)

Warming up to the crew
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video of elderly bat living at animal sanctuary |

Elderly Bat Once Used For Experiments Now Lives His Best Life With His Human Pal (Video)

Bat World Sanctuary and Enzo's home, was founded in 1992 to offer lifetime sanctuary to non releasable bats while also rescuing and rehabilitating releasable bats. Enzo arrived there in 1996 after previously living in a lab doing DNA research. He was rescued along with two cute friends! Since living at the sanctuary, Enzo is treated like a king! He is very well cared for and even gets medication for his arthritis. Enzo is a super relatable bat, he likes melon and naps. Hey! So do we! This guy g…
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