I Can Has Cheezburger?


The finest cats on the internet. Here you can has cats, their cheeseburgers, and everything to do with the glorious feline persuasion. Whether you adore them from afar or have assembled your own army to assert world dominance, you will definitely appreciate these hilarious cat jokes puns and memes.

19 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people showed pictures of what it's like waking up with cats | Thumbnail includes a meme of Sponge Bob laying in bed with two fat cats on him and a picture of two real cats laying on a bed 'Memes i wish i could tag my cat in @memesiwish how i wake up in the morning'

A Relatable Thread About What It's Like To Wake Up With Cats (19 Images)

POV: your cat is your alarm clock
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22 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people share their black cats and their spooky names | Thumbnail includes a close up picture of a black cat staring at something and a picture of a black cat laying on a carpet with plants around it 'This is Maus the Mauzinator this is Leviathan and the other kitten from his litter was named Lucifer. each called Levi and Luci respectfully'

From Gothic Rock To Halloween, Cat Owners Talk About The Inspiration Behind Their Spooky Cat Names

The following content includes lots of voids
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twitter thread about cats sitting in dishwashers | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat inside of a dishwasher and one tweet 'Cat - sévérienne l'autre @sixscosepoise He won't come out of the dishwasher ETT'

Apparently, Some Cats Have An Unexpectedly Weird Obsession With Dishwashers (Twitter Thread)

There are more of them than any of us expected.
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twitter thread with cat puns and animal puns | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cat Damon @CornOnTheGoblin ... [telling a joke to a classroom] what does a cowboy cat say? kindergartener: kitty up [about to say meowdy] meo- what the f ck did you just say 5:01 AM - Aug 11, 2022 - Twitter for Android 11.4K Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 112.8K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Kindergartner Outwits Teacher With Purrfect Cat Pun Plus Other Animal Puns

Rightfully stumped.
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15 cat snaps | thumbnail left cat sitting on decoy keyboard snap, thumbnail right fluffy cat mid self grooming snapchat

Freshly Prepared Cat Snaps Baked To Purrfection

Purrfection in snap form
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12 photos of Devon Rex cats | Thumbnail includes an orange Devon Rex cat laying in a green silky cat bed with a green plant behind him and a picture of an orange Devon Rex covered in a red blanket with its paws up

End The Weekend On A Good Note With Some Feline Appreciation: The Divine Devon Rex

Sunday Funday
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23 memes, pictures, and tweets with cats being silly and funny | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat laying on a bed with its arms crossed like a human listening and a picture of a black and white cat sitting under a clear plastic chair 'Mishqaa @Mishqaa_ My cat listening to my rants: Me pretending not to look, but I'm actually looking twice as hard'

Spreading Sunday Joy With Some Silly Billy Cat Memes

Something for the soul
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A Twitter thread about cats that slap their owners when they pet them too much | Thumbnail includes a meme from Squid games with a korean man stopping another man from slapping him and a picture of a hand trying to pet a white and black fluffy cat 'Memes i wish i could tag my cat in @memesiwish My cat when i pet him 1 second too long'

Cat People Show Photos Of What Happens When You Pet Your Cat A Minute Too Long

Issa cats world
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collection of funny stories about cats on catnip | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Top fan Dawn M Kelsey I gave small kittens cat nip on a glass table. They got really stoned and started to freak out. I guess they could not think anything else other than why am I not falling??? I guess they became aware of the fact they were seeming to be hovering lol. Anyhoo they now prefer their catnip on the floor. Like Reply Hide Send Message 2d 9'

The Catnip Madness Continues: Funniest Things Cats Have Done While On The 'Nip

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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A Youtube video about a cat introducing her kittens to their uncle dog | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a golden retriever laying on a bed with a cat and her kittens

Momma Cat Shows Her Kittens That The Family Dog Is Trustworthy (Video)

The most wholesome household ever 🥺
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Petting cats

comics Cats original - 9693372928
Via icanhascheezburger
12 screenshots from a Reddit thread where people discuss heartwarming moments of when their cats first started showing signs of trust | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white torti cat sleeping on a woman's shoulder 'My wife use to rescue feral cats and adopting out those that could be socialised. She kept those that couldn't. It took a lot of time, patience, and love before they would trust us. But that moment when they first come up to you to cuddle and fall into a deep, totally relaxed'

Overwhelmingly Heartwarming Stories Of Adopted Cats Showing First Signs Of Trust

No greater privilege
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32 cat at vets office pictures | thumbnail left cat on top of cabinet, thumbnail right cat's tail peeping out of cat carrier

A Hissterical Compilation Of Cats Betrayed By Their Humans And Taken To The Vet

They have had enough
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collection of pictures of tiny kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten ready to jump and two kittens with too many toes

20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest Fluffiest Criminals (August 13, 2022)

The itty bitty kitty committee is about to commence.
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat sitting in a tractor 'Cloud - The amount of digging my cat does in the litter box wwwwwww wwwwwww 2205 HYUNDAI Poorly Made Cat Memes' and a kitten screaming in a box 'Cat - In a travel box going to the vet. Manages to bite a hole in the box and turns head into liquid to get out but then turns back into a solid and gets stuck then screams at me to get her out. Weirdo'

Fresh Hissterical Caturday Memes Of The Highest Wet Food Quality

Happy Caturday!
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wholesome cat crazy cat lady car-rescue feral-kitten kitten spicy-kitten feral-cat cat person Cats cat-rehabilitation cat lover rescue-kitten - 1599751

Watch a Woman Take a Hopeless Feral Kitten and Transform Her Into a Cuddly Lap Cat

From spicy to sweetie.
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