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video of a cat who has a crush on a dog and acts like a dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat running across an obstacle next to a woman and a cat giving a person its paw

Meet Nabi: The Cat Who Acts Like A Dog, Has A Crush On A Dog, And Does Dog Agility Races (Video)

Nabi is one special kitty.
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Believe it or not

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Canada is different

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Gotta Start Somewhere

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20 funny cat memes | thumbnail left do not touch this my cat to shreds you say the simpsons character, thumbnail right "itter litter my cats litter me, immediately after cleaning the litter box and sweeping the floor LEX my cats

Funniest Memes That Embody Cats Listening To Their Humans, Understanding, And Then Proceeding To Do The Exact Opposite

It's no coincidence
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13 pictures of tabby cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat stretching on its back and exposing its belly and a picture of a tabby cat laying in a cat tree and a hand drawn picture of the cat laying in a cat tree

End The Weekend On A Good Note With Some Feline Appreciation: Standard Issue Tabby Cats

Time to appreciate some cats
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35 memes featuring cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a cardboard box on a work desk and a picture of a black and white cat with orange eyes 'Susan, hold all my calls found box Shook'

A Carefully Curated Collection Of Cat Memes For Cat People By Cat People (35 Memes)

By the people for the people, duh
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18 screenshots from a Twitter thread where someone asked why people even have cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a siamese cat laying on a white cat bed, a picture of a tabby cat curled up in a white blanket and a picture of a white siamese cat sitting next to a heart and a cactus 'I ain't calling y'all weird or nothing but like why do you have a cat? Bcz they're adorable and are great company. They cute clean and don't make noise why do you not?'

Cat People Rush To Defend The Feline Honor As Someone Questions Why We Even Have Cats: Twitter Thread

Not again
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collection of stories about adorable senior cats | thumbnail includes a black and white photo of a man cuddling a cat 'We adopted this senior last year at 13 & 1/2. He's an insulin dependent diabetic. My husband has refractory epilepsy and has seizures in clusters. Noonie (the cat), will lay on him after seizures right where he can feel him breathing every day until the seizures stop Kimberly Whelan Dunn'

Wholesome Moments That Show Just Why Senior Cats Are Amazing Pets: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

Giving love to our seniors <3
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As she should

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A Youtube video about a foster kitten that was brought into a home that already had a cat and about their journey of getting along | Thumbnail includes a big white cat raising its paw at a tiny tabby kitten

A Tiny Foster Kitten Walks Into A Home, The Resident Cat Teaches Her How To Play (Video)

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What could that possibly mean?

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Convenience is in the eyes of the beholder

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cat aggressively cuddles her human all throughout the night

'Or not sleeping much at all': Cat mom sets up an overnight camera to show how her kitty aggressively demands cuddles while she is trying to sleep

She tries her hardest to tell the kitty to leave her alone so she can sleep, but she always caves—no one can resist the cat cuddles.
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16 tweets, memes, and pictures about or including cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman laying in bed with many cats surrounding her and a close up picture of a ginger tabby cat looking straight at something 'Saturday night plans NATURE Study Confirms Suspicions That Cat Brains Are Smaller Than They Used to Be'

Continue The Caturday Celebration With These Cackle-Worthy Cat Tweets, Memes, And Pictures

Another Caturday slay
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