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17 screenshots with cat pictures and captions that talk about their hooligan behavior and different types of shenanigans | Thumbnail includes a picture of two cats sitting on a carpet and staring at the camera, as well as a picture of a grey and white cat laying on a purple towel looking at the camera 'We are Leia and Luke. We swear that we were not just caught in the act of cables from the computer's removing backside at all! My name is Max. I don't live here. But they got me a cat bed anyway.'

Hooligan Cats Back At It Again: Thread Of Mischief And Shenanigans

There goes the neighborhood
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story about a kitten with injured ears getting rescued and adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including a person holding a kitten and a tiny kitten near a food bowl 'Pennie came into our lives 3 months ago and it’s been a wild ride... She was found in the backyard with her eyes mostly open but ears closed. The vet estimated she was 8 days old. We waited overnight for the mother to return but rocketgnome'

Itty Bitty Abandoned Kitten With Injured Ears Gets Rescued, Makes Amazing Recovery, And Gets Adopted By Rescuers

A heartwarming kitten rescue <3
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reddit thread about people stealing other people's cats off the street | thumbnail includes a screenshot of one reddit post 'Font - Mystisc. Tuxedo • 6d Stop 'adopting' random cats Advice Lately I see a lot of posts of people saying they found a cat random on the street. Most of the cats look perfectly fine with a beautiful coat and obviously well fed. And the comments are bombarded with people saying they should keep the cat. NO! Stop 'adopting' random cats who obviously'

Redditor Argues That People Shouldn't 'Adopt' Random Cats Off The Street, The Internet Debates

What would you do?
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collection of cute posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a counter in a glasses shop wearing a pair of colorful glasses 'This is Truffles; she works at a children’s optometrist to help them feel better about wearing glasses. u/PhoneJazz'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Cats (#196)

Too. much. cuteness.
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I've got lots more like this!

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wholesome crazy-cats cat lady kitten cute beautiful-cats the-bengals funny cats lol cats bengals Cats bengal-kitten cat lover bengal cats stoic-cats - 17729797

Videos of Bengals Proving They Are the Most Sacred (And Chaotic) Of All Cats

Their fur, their eyes, their energy—it all should be worshipped.
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'Note to self- all cookie jars have to be in cabinets': Cats Try to Avoid Responsibility After They Knock Over a Treats Jar While

'Note to self- all cookie jars have to be in cabinets': Cats Put on a Performance Avoiding Responsibility After They're Caught Knocking Over a Treats Jar

Just acting sweeter than ever
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video of black cat exposing belly | thumbnail image of fluffy black cat laying on back

Floofy Black Cat Flops Onto Her Back Exposing Belly And Proceeds To Purr And Trill (Video)

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Just A Tiny Bit

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Who Wants One

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A Youtube video about two senior cats that were adopted into a home at different times but fell in love in the end | Thumbnail includes two pictures of an orange/brown cat grooming a white and black fluffy cat

Woman Adopts Two Senior Cats And It Just So Happened That They Fell In Love (Video)

Some things are just meant to happen
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19 images of sleeping cats | thumbnail left cat sleeping on glass table, thumbnail right cat sleeping draped out of green seat

Purrfectly Silly Cats Plop Down And Fall Asleep After Long Days Of Being Adorable

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16 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people composed poems about their cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat sitting on an orange comforter and a picture of a black and white cat laying on a white bed 'Louis, sandwich man You're half cat and half bologna, Your presence in my life has changed my story Cause you are made of fur and honey You never let me feel down or lonely Louis, half cat and half bologna Frankie frankie Lanky and stankie How I love'

Boost Of Serotonin: Cat Owners Take Up Poetry To Compose Haikus For Their Cats

Is there anything cat people can't do?
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14 screenshots from a Twitter thread about hooligan cats that love to create problems for their owners | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black cat sitting on a carpet, looking up at its owner and a picture of a white cat biting a cactus 'My Dolly is very rude, whenever I hug her, she doesn't like it. And then when I set her down, she goes several feet away and licks herself as if trying to emphasize that she thinks I'm filthy! She also chews my curtains. So impolite!'

14 Hooligan Cats Go Out Of Their Way To Cause As Much Trouble As Possible

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