My Food Looks Funny Newsletter

Drop a Deuce Like a Sir

mustache toilet - 6959040768
Via Incredible Things

Honor the Legacy

goodbye hamburger stoned - 6530097664


bird drawing fancy sauce - 6529891840

Angry Snack

angry birds cheese crackers eggs snack - 6529929472

Summer Forever!

freezer ice pops otter pops popsicles - 6530050560
Via Rats Off!

Ding Dong! Pizza Delivery Dog!

ding dong dogs pizza - 6530101760

Guest of Honor

art face hidden illusion meal mosaic wine - 6527208192

Easy Advice

comic fast food gross - 6527308544
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

Lochte Ice Cream Feels

ice cream twitter - 6527354368


baking face milk noooo - 6525372672
Created by daniofawesome

Left 4 Dead Gingerbread Men

cookies gingerbread men - 6524985856
Created by Alijopinky


bottled water bottled water. fridge overload water - 6524544768
Created by kitty5789

Affable Aubergine

arm eggplant - 6523598080
Created by trajanb

Pedobear Foiled Again

angry cake pedobear too old - 6516880128
Created by noklop ( Via Noklop's Cakes )

Unnecessary Snack is Unnecessary

cones cookies dip fingers nutella weird - 6508683520
Via Rats Off!

Chocolate-Haired Prncess

cupcake icing Oreos star wars - 6515708160
Via Just Jenn
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