Lovely Listing

All Tied Up

basement corner - 6521115904
By Wianne (Via Funda)

Wooden Orb

dome modular shack shed - 6522215168
By Squigee (Via SIPS Eco Build)

Get Out of My Head

chair skull weird - 6519972352
Via Chair Blog

To Boldly Go...

bedroom space Star Trek - 6520027136
Via Gizmodiva

Oh, Never Mind

horror toilet - 6520125440
Via Incredible Things

Chairturday: Last Gasp

chair chairturday fall patio - 6461823744
By Leif Swanson,

You're Being Watched

silhouettes wallpaper - 6514532096
Via Kitschy Living

Serious Support

tree - 6517155328
By Unknown

All Walled In

walls weird - 6517177856
By Unknown


garage graffiti message - 6514493952
By Unknown

Sit if You Dare

bathroom clear dangerous toilet - 6514425856
By Unknown

Truck Stop Bathroom

bathroom sink truck - 6511542272
Via Kitschy Living


box compact kitchen mobile - 6511534080
Via Dornob

Be One With the Hillside

grass green hillside modern plants roof - 6511506688
Via Arch Daily

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye, Little Chairs

Cheezburger Image 6513386752
By Unknown

House of Horrors

floating house open stairs - 6511264256
Via Dornob