Best Ever!

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By Chris10a

My Kitteh's Reaction to His Birthday Present

black cat looking surprised next to box of tuna cans on bed
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How's That Song Go? 12 Days of Christmas?

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Here's a Hint, I Made You One for Your Birthday this Year too

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At Least It's In the Litterbox This Time

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For Me?

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Via Tumblr

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Kindness is Misunderstood?

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This is what I don't like about Christmas: the pressure to be overwhelmed by your gifts.

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Dat old man needs to RETIRE.

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Meow Andretti would kick your butt.

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Dis is da weirdest burd I has eber seen

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For me???

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I swam through water to bring you this.

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Isn't it?

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By KittehCough

Are I what you wanted

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