In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.


bonk captions Cats cleaner face glass - 6480944384
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Oscar followed the directive

captions Cats comfort is relative face furniture sit - 6454513664
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The power of crust

best of the week bread captions Cats face inbread pun - 6435939072
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Yep, kitteh had a bad day...

face insult lolcat names - 6398333184
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batman best of the week captions Cats face lolcats mask masks smile - 6411702528
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eat face full hamster nom - 6392791296
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..and that, girls, is why you should always remove your make up.

clean face girls lesson makeup remove sleep - 6306883072
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Also do impression of you putting mascara on.

eye eyes face impression - 6310566656
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Hold still.

best of the week cannibal Cats eat face kitten lolcats nom practicing two cats zombie - 6278012928
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He was apparently NOT of sound mind.

died face ink joke kill revenge - 6297453312
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claws face kitchen pull scratch tail - 6270722816
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics face nose persian poke push squish - 6250517504
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This is

basement cat black and white Cats dramatic epic face Hall of Fame lolcats stare - 6227893760
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Get the Sharpie

draw drunk face passed out prank sleep - 6207549440
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Well Butter My Butt

bread butter cute face Hall of Fame inbred phrase toast - 6210202368
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I dont like this game.

attack cat claw drop face game hate no - 6127691008
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