In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

I is a foot

shoes face head feet captions Cats foot - 6844303616
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With sprinkles!

face captions ice cream doughnut Cats - 6588579072
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Dis is mai Goggie impurrsenashun

face goggie impression tongue Cats stupid - 6665982464
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Somebody has too much free time.

face captions eyes Cats hand - 6749913600
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im summoning my powers

powers claw face attack captions Cats - 6732581120
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question face water captions shower Cats - 6719982080
By Unknown

Be afraid. Be very afraid

plot face plotting evil Cats captions - 6703525376
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inbread bread face revenge picture camera Cats captions - 6665413632
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hide face eyes cover Cats captions - 6662952192
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Yes, that fresh.

couch smell scent fresh Cats captions face - 6662398976
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Who put that wall there?

bonk captions Cats face hit ouch ow wall - 6620136704
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Jelleh beanz ARE listening.

captions Cats cheezburger face jellybeans paw toes - 6548719616
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Im real, I tell ya!

captions Cats face impression reference Sesame Street TV - 6559994880
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Why I oughta

bread captions Cats face head inbread revenge - 6562227968
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Let me gets dis fuzz off you face

beard captions Cats face fire smoke - 6520188672
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Yoo realize

captions Cats face invasion personal space rude - 6529250816
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