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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Oh, Would You Like Some Food?

cute animal gif of cat doing sign language to get food
Via MemeW
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Kitties First Laser

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Growing up is not for sissies.

milk kitten cute caption Cats funny - 8602061824
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Did Anyone Else Think The Cats Were The Lawyers At First?

cute animal image of kittens in legal ad
Via veganlove

Kitten In A Jar

funny cute animal image of a kitten in a jar
Via MemeW
kitten cute Cats funny Video - 77233921

Kittens Who Haven't Learned To 'Cat' Yet

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ducks cute Cats funny Video animals - 77180673

2015 Cute and Funny Animals Compilation

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I Don't Know Who This Cat Belongs To But..

cute animal image of cat who visits neighbors
Via goldenstate30

Poor Kitteh

animals Sad ears kitten cute caption Cats - 8593873664
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christmas kitten cute happy playing - 76890625

These Playful Kittens Will Bring On All The Holiday Feels

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Thanksgiving Hangover: Cute Kittens Recreate the Purrfect Feast

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Kitteh say the world should nebber noe!

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puns cute rabbit caption Cats - 8585352704
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That's A Bumper Crop You Got There This Season.

animals cute Happy Kitten caption Cats funny happy cat - 8586781440
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She Deserves A Great Home Filled with Cuddles

kitten cute Photo squee rescue - 8586889984
Via Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

And Best Of All, You Can Get More Whenever You Want!

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