It helps the cumpterbutt

cat spending some time physically on the computer
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Cheezburger cat

black and white cat using a computer and a mouse
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I'm sure I can help

halp computer cat memes - 9279623168
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Dunt tank meh. It wuz nutin.

computer Cats - 9034919680
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Almost There!

animals cat caption computer lap mine more two - 8812047104
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Sound Good?

computer caption Cats mouse - 8810738944
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You Lied to Me

computer caption Cats keyboard mouse - 8803589632
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This Is How I Know I've Been Spending Too Much Time Making LOLS

cat computer caption food - 8797394944
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Sneaky Kitties

credit card computer mom Cats - 8773678848
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Oh Noes!

stuck computer caption Cats - 8773847552
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Upgrade in Progress

gif cat computers computer - 8578043392
By anselmbe

Don't Make Me Knock The Router Off The Counter Again

Cats computer dinner internet online - 6581793024
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technology computer laptop Cats Video - 70621697

This Cat Has Decided: You Will Not Be Working From Home Today

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Wut Hab We Heer?

computer - 7353825792
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A Kitten Does What a Kitten Does

kitten cute computer Cats squee - 8471597312
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It Was Not Taken as a Sign of Affection

classic classics computer facebook internet IRL poke - 6227163136
By Unknown
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