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Caturday is the natural conclusion that all cat owners eventually reach: Cats live everyday like it's Saturday.
Also a great excuse to share cat stuff online all weekend long.

Caturday Should Be Everyday

Caturday - 8495881216
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It's Caturday, How Else Would I Be Comfortable?

couch Caturday Cats - 8495839488
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A Disco Treat

animals kitten puns Caturday - 8485958400
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We Have Arrived

animals Caturday weekend Cats - 8476227328
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Go Back to Bed, It's Caturday

animals bed tired sleep Caturday Cats - 8467268352
See all captions Created by francine.pruitt

We Did it!

Cats Caturday weekend - 8422353152
See all captions Created by BOZMAN54
Cats Caturday hug squee sleeping - 64751617

Sleep In Today and Watch This Cat Hugging Her Doll

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In an Alternate Universe, Maybe

weekends Caturday - 8189833472
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Caturday Video clumsy - 54492673

It's a Clumsy Caturday!

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Time for Some Serious Napping

napping Caturday weekend funny - 7661635584
See all captions Created by madcatfred

Cat: The Videogame

gifs Caturday Cats funny - 7466310400
Via Klefable

The Caturday Dance Trophy is as Good as Mine!

dancing Caturday Cats - 7064674560
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Caturday basket hide Cats captions - 6677232128
Created by Illostraight
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