Caturday is the natural conclusion that all cat owners eventually reach: Cats live everyday like it's Saturday.
Also a great excuse to share cat stuff online all weekend long.

eeks hottest and newest cat memes - thumbnail of multiple cats sitting outside a door "My parents started feeding stray kitten couple weeks ago. This their front porch today."

Happiness-Filled Cat Memes For A Splendid Caturday

Happy Caturday
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fresh cat memes every caturday - thumbnail includes two memes one of a cat tucked in bed "me getting in bed every evening and realizing that it's only 7pm" and one of a cute orange kitten "that look broke my heart"

Fighting The Blues Away With Caturday (34 Cat Memes)

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fresh cat memes every caturday - thumbnail includes two memes one of cat and dad changing a lightbulb together and one of a cute kitten staring at the viewer "i deleted your "friends" list, now I'm the only friend you really have..."

Feline The Void With 36 Funny Cat Memes

Feels right
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fresh cat memes every caturday - thumbnail includes two memes one of cat with impossibly bright smile and one of sad cat being dominated as cat meme of 2020 | use toothpaste 10/10 dentists recommended: | Since 2020 is nearly over nominate Crying Cat as meme year embodies 2020 perfectly. made with mematic

Party The Old Fashion Way With Caturday (28 Cat Memes)

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Sometimes you get lucky

cat that is eyeballing that fish left unattended at the table which seems just too good to be true, but that has never stopped this cat before
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They even have songs about it

Cat meme of kitty coming out a travel bad with a shocked look that they also have caturday on this planet.
By catsuberalles
Funny pictures of cats - Son your mom and I want to talk to you about something - parent cats meme

The Caturday Collection

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Before You Leave, Please Put A "Do Not Disturb" Sign On The Bedroom Door.

Fluffy sleep Caturday caption - 9027551744
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Doan Break Teh Chain!

Funny cat meme of a cat sending out an email against chain letters with a very obvious ulterior motive to start a chain letter and in all caps.
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A Little Privacy Please!

you cat bath mind do Caturday night caption - 9016368128
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Oh Goody...

world not jerks Caturday caption - 9007550976
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Somehow the wild-print wasn't helping her mood.

Caturday support caption litter - 8996789248
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With All The Pain He's In, I Don't Have The Heart To Tell My Cat That This Sink Is Not Even Connected Yet.

call can Caturday caption chiropractor - 8992711424
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Take The First Step, Kitteh: Admit You Are Powerless Over Rugs.

caption Caturday high rugs what say - 8978836736
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hell year letter Caturday brought caption election by - 8811986176
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Today's Itinerary

Caturday - 7163012608
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