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23 screenshots from a Reddit thread about funny dog names | Thumbnail includes 'What are some of the best dogs names that have ever crossed your path?! [Discussion] I might be biased, but I love my dog's name. I didn't pick it. His name is Harrison. He's hairy and my son. I was walking by and I hear "Peter, come inside". Fully expecting to see a kid run inside. But no, it was a German Shepard. Made me laugh so hard. A shelter near me had a dog named Rectangle. I'll never forget it'

Redditors Came Up With The Best And Funniest Names For Your Dogs

If you don't know what to name your dog, this one's for you
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Better Tenderize it a Little Bit First

emus Staring human what is it eating - 6971904768
See all captions By Unknown

And Then Make it Disappear

dancing tigers water human trick magic - 6947126272
See all captions By EleanorRaven

Srsly Staph

alpaca human - 7642758656
By Unknown

Step One, Get a Tux

human penguin funny - 7642806272
Via Tastefully Offensive

Stay Strong and Fight Hard

cuddle cuddling fear human tiger - 5868389376
See all captions By cutekat101

I Think It Fell in the Toxic Waste Dump!

child human kid tortoise turtle whoa - 5841830912
See all captions By jimbooo

Hope You Like Italian!

adorable animals bunny dinner eat eating friends human noms rabbit - 5817401856
By Unknown

SHH...Basement Bun-Bun makin' deal

basement bunny holding human kid minion shh - 6431346688
See all captions By alisaorrdaisy

Can He Support Both of Us?

no time to explain human carrying horses - 6825031424

But, This Game is Boring With Just Two Players

bite human snake tag youre-it - 5506119936
See all captions By lukelightwalker

Well Color Me Jealous!

jealous tigers colors interesting human - 6910442240
See all captions By beernbiccies

Does Not Perform as Indicated

art bird historic lols human painting - 5652031232
See all captions By TheRamer

Yes... yes you are

feet human people person red panda stand - 6012700416
See all captions By zlittle4

Migration Police!

migration human goose - 8401262080
See all captions By allcatsloved

Gracefulness: Close Enough

Close Enough eagle flying human leaping shark - 6256165120
See all captions By ghosttaker
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