A Woman Converted Her Garage to Make a Cat Rescue Shelter Organization

We are so used to hearing about rescue animal shelters and their facilities. But here's one we don't think you've ever heard of. A cat and kitten rescue shelter organization... out of someone's garage! And it's all thanks to Marilyn Harely from Maine who decided to do something… a bit unconventional.

Harley recently gave an open house tour of the newly remodeled Another Chance Rescue facility right out of her garage! The facility is located in Sanford, Maine and lets' just say, many were enthusiastic about the upgraded cat rescue center that once used to be a garage. A place where she once used to park her car,  Harely decided that cats and kittens were in need of warmth and shelter. Now, you might think that she finds kittens and cats homeless on the streets and takes them in, but actually Another Chance Rescue takes in surrendered cats and those from kills shelters in other states. The cats receive veterinary care and then are put up for adoption. Some get adopted quickly while others stay for a little while longer. But one thing is for certain, this is a no-kill facility!

a photo of three cats - cover for a story about cats and kittens going to a new rescue shelter
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