Winter Is Coming...

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And best pals Sage and Onion are ready, thanks to hand-knitted jumpers purchased on eBay by their new owner, Sue Christy.

She rescued the hens from a factory farm where the conditions were so poor they had lost all of their feathers.

"When they come out of the farm some of them, as cruel as it sounds, just look oven-ready," Christy said. "'They have never known day light and they have never known fresh air and when we get them they are in a really sorry state. 'They are also very cold because they are so bald. I just feel so sorry for them."

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Reader Squee: Peep

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Cais says: "This is Albert, one of our day-old baby chicks."

Golly Albert you're even squeer than a marshmallow peep1

- Sally Squeeps

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