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mini gallery of small and tiny baby sphynx kittens - thumbnail includes two images of baby sphynx bald with big ears one peeking out of a mug that reads THE BEST IS YET TO COME and four hairless kittens in a row black and pink

Miniature Gallery Of Wrinkly Baby Yodas (Sphynx Kittens)

So smol
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Turns out, Robert Irwin and his pug are star wars fans

cosplay costume man dressed as luke skywalker from star wars training on planet daguba holding a light saber and a pug dog with long green ears strapped on his back like yoda
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baby yoda cat viral cute aww animals rescue | cute black and white cat with big green eyes and long pointy ears that looks like baby yoda

Rescued Cat Resembling Baby Yoda Going Viral

This cat at Cabarrus Animal Hospital in Kannapolis, North Carolina, is going viral for her resemblance to Baby Yoda from "The Mandalorian."
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star wars toys french bulldogs yoda Video - 84184065

French Bulldog Fails His First Jedi Lesson From Master Yoda

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yoda training Cats Video Jedi - 82085121

Cats Make Terrible Jedi Knights, Just Ask This Yoda Toy

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star wars yoda Cats Video - 76875009

There Is No Try, Bat or Bat Not

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star wars toys yoda Cats Video - 76814593

When You're Training Cats to Be Jedi, May the Catnip Be With You

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Star Play Dates

animals baby animals star wars kangaroo yoda - 8437313280
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Yoda Cat Senses a Disturbance

the force broccoli yoda Cats - 8427468032
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Yoda Goes Scruffy

koala star wars yoda - 8337850112
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Patience You Must Have, My Young Padawan

Cats Jedi star wars yoda - 8333359616
Created by sammieb5200

Carried Away, You Got

cute destroyed star wars toys yoda - 7892440832
Created by Unknown

Take It Off Now, You Will!

costume cat star wars yoda - 7790401792
Created by Unknown

Oink or Oink Not. There Is no Try

pig yoda funny - 7571606272
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star wars yoda funny - 7532495872
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I'm Already on the Dark Side

hate star wars Grumpy Cat suffering yoda tard - 6847061760
Created by spungdesign
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