I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a kitten that was born with a lump on its head | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a lump on its head and a kitten with a lump on its head lying on a vet's arm

Sweet Charismatic Kitten Born With A Bizarre Lump On Its Head Gets An Unexpected Diagnosis (Video)

We've never seen anything like it.
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video of a woman who owns 700 cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a woman sitting on a couch talking on her phone while surrounded by cats

There Is A Strange House Where 700 Cats Live; Meet The Ultimate Cat Lady Who Owns It (Video)

She's an inspiration
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viral reddit thread about a cat who got shot in the chest and has been living with a pellet in its chest for a year | thumbnail includes one section of a reddit post '3 weeks ago I started fostering this beauty. She's had a tough life, she lived on the streets for around 13 years according to the people of the neighbourhood. She was in a foster home for 8 months before coming to me, but wasn't getting along with the other cats so I took her in. I fell in love instantly with the sassy lady'

Vet Finds A Bullet Stuck In Cat's Chest, Turns Out The Cat Had Been Living With It For At Least A Year (Viral Thread With A Happy Ending)

Keep an eye on your cats, everyone <3
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reddit thread about a boyfriend asking his girlfriend to choose between him and his cat | thumbnail includes one reddit post 'Font - r/offmychest u/Lovelyymia • 2d 1 1 1 My boyfriend asked me to pick him or my cat. r/ A couple of days ago we were all laying together, and I was petting my cat and he randomly asked if I had to choose him or my cat who I would pick. I've had my cat since I was 11. I'm now 21 and I've only been in a relationship with him for 5 months, so I obviously picked'

Boyfriend Asks His Girlfriend To Choose Between Him Or Her Cat, The Internet Reacts With Outrage (Viral Thread)

What would you have done?
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twitter thread about cats liking unexpected foods | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat eating a purple beet and one tweet 'Cat - Rev. Poppy Haze @poppy_haze every cat upon instantiation will spawn with one random non-meat food item it is obsessed with. There is no way to tell what this is until the day the cat will steal something off your plate like its life depended upon it Creature Tik Toks @CreatureTikToks - Dec 30, 2022 0:18 1.4M views 10:18 PM - Dec 30, 2022 J Tik Tok 5.4M'

Twitter Thread: Random Non-Meat Foods That Cats Are Obsessed With And Will Fight You For

They're fierce when it comes to their chosen food.
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reddit thread about cats who taught themselves how to use a human toilet | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat sitting on a toilet 'Rectangle - r/cats 2 days ago Posted by berrey7 Has anyone ever experienced a cat teaching itself to use the toilet? My cat pees in the toilet and dumps in the box. I keep the liter box super clean, and have tried multiple brands.'

Weird Yet Intelligent Cats Teaching Themselves To Use The Human Toilet (Reddit Thread)

All on their own.
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twitter thread about the Lykoi cat | thumbnail includes a picture of the wolf cat and one tweet 'Vertebrate - Obscure Animal Of The Day @obscure_otd Today's obscure animal of the day is the lykoi cat! These creepy kitties were discovered in 2010! Their werewolf-y appearance is caused by a mutation in shorthair cats that makes them unable to create the undercoat most cats have. Their hair is a little weaker, so it can molt off 4:44 PM - Oct 29, 2022 Twitter for'

Meet The Weirdest Animal Of The Day: The Lykoi Cat, Also Known As The Wolf-Cat

Would still pet without hesitation.
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funny stories about cats at the vet's office | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat on a bed 'She has hyperethesia so we've been to the vet a lot trying to find the right treatment. She has what they call a "red card" in her file (it means she has the potential for violence) I found out recently the note on her red card says "looks cute but will F*ck you up" ??????? that's my demon child. She barely weighs over 7lbs. Maggie Stewart'

What Is The Funniest Experience You've Had With Your Cat At The Vet's Office: ICanHas Users Answer

Absolutely ridiculous.
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video of a sick cat getting a piece of plastic removed from its stomach | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with many bandages and a cat headbutting a man

After 2 Years Of Bad Health, Vets Remove Something Unexpected From Cat's Stomach And He Starts Feeling Better (Video)

Please keep an eye on your kitties <3
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twitter thread about a woman who wanted to put down her cat because she was moving and a man stealing the cat from her | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - FESS Fesshole HOLE @fesshole I dated a woman for a few months when she got a job offer to move to another city. I was gutted as I loved her cat. Then she said she was just going to get him put down. He suddenly vanish from her garden. We had 14 brilliant years together and died sleeping peacfully on my lap. 7:25 PM - Sep'

Twitter Thread: Man Secretly Takes Cat From Girlfriend Who Threatened To Put It Down Because Of Moving

Do you think he did the right thing?
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video of a cat opening different kinds of doors | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat reaching toward a door handle

Intelligent Cat Learns To Open Doors On Its Own And Causes Absolute Mayhem (Video)

They're evolving.
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collection of posts of cats being weird | thumbnail includes a picture of a super straight cat stretching 'My cat likes to sleep in a perfectly straight line u/cannydooper'

18 Moments That Made Cat Owners Ask What The Heck Is Wrong With Their Cats

They're purrfect no matter what.
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twitter thread about whether cats fart or not | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Pyrrhica posts cats @memesiwish My bf just farted and blamed it on the cat. He insists it was Mister Moo Moo and that makes me realise...I've never heard a cat fart before. Does your cat fart? 5:00 PM - Jul 30, 2022 - Twitter for Android 567 Retweets 464 Quote Tweets 17.5K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Boyfriend Blames Cat For Farting, The Internet Passionately Debates The Impurrtant Issue

Do your cats fart?
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funny stories about cats embarrassing humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a black cat with a rainbow on it and one Facebook comment 'I work from home and have at least a day or so a week for about 6 years now. I have a desktop I use that has a power button on the front edge. This wonderful son of mine, Sir Axton McNuggetron, knows how to turn off my computer. I disabled the button but you can't disable the option to hold it down. He still manages to hold it'

Little Kitty Cat Rascals Embarrassing Their Humans At The Worst Moments

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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twitter thread about a cat use a little box the wrong way and peeing outside of it | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat inside of a litter box but peeing outside of it and one tweet 'Output device - Dave @SpotTheLoon2010 So glad I bought that expensive, self-cleaning litter box. 1:57 AM - Jul 22, 2022. Twitter for Android 2,350 Retweets 164 Quote Tweets 15.7K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Buying An Expensive Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Cat Turns Out To Be Hissterically Useless

Should have known something like this would happen tbh.
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collection of stories about cats with funny eating habits | thumbnail includes two pictures including a white cat eating out of a bowl 'Snowflake likes to eat with both front feet in the crunchy bowl Sonya Vilvens' and a black cat eating out of a bowl 'my kitty peyton won't eat unless somebody is *right* there with her. and she likes to be petted after every few bites. Sarah M Owens'

Ridiculously Hissterical Yet Kind Of Awwdorable Cat Eating Habits: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

Nom nom nom.
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