I Can Has Cheezburger?


Swans Really Can't Tell Jokes

Sad face jokes ducks swans wrong messed up - 6986462464
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Basking Shark

cage wrong sharks laughing irony - 6909606400
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This is the Extreme Course

dolphins chasing swimming fast wrong sharks eating you - 6894742272
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It's Okay. I Can Wait. A Little.

presents ferrets wrong give - 6908548096
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drink FAIL captions wrong mouth straw Cats - 6765513472
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I may be a while

online internet captions correct wrong jerk Cats - 6761679360
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Let Me Tell You About Lemurs

facts lemurs unimpressed wrong - 6647632384
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At Least They Didn't Think You Were a Beaver

Sad seal wrong otter species - 6625176832
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You've Got the Wrong Species

otter confused dam pun beaver wrong - 6684892672
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Animal Capshunz: You Wanted to Do What?

captions Cats chasing cow revenge wrong - 6563214080
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But If You Insist, There's My Shadow

beaver drunk groundhog groundhog day mistake wrong - 6516230912
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I Suggest You Get That Straight Before Someone Gets Hurt

biting confused lions mistake tail wrong - 6422486272
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Wait, What's the Line?

baby egg hatch oops sound turtle wrong - 6423877120
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See What You've Done, R. Kelly?

diving falling flying i believe i can fly ice idiot polar bears wrong - 6355157760
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You Think Bad Behavior is Funny?

funny guilty laughing orangutan Sad wrong - 6348268288
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dictionary FAIL lolcat lolspeak read spelling wrong - 6359899648
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