I Can Has Cheezburger?

working from home

10 pictures of cats working, jobs | thumbnail three slots images cats working with text describing job

Purrfessional Cats Working Hard To Pay The Bills

Get that check honey
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13 reddit text images surrounding discussion of leaving dog at home during work day | thumbnail blue background top left dog with bone graphic text " I am one of those "sitters" for people, and I'm honestly not needed for most of them. Dogs are completely okay with being home alone for long hours, the important thing is that they are exercised properly after, and that it's not a brand new puppy or anything; the dog"

Is It Acceptable To Leave Your Dog Home Alone During The Workday: Reddit Users Weigh In

Let's discuss shall we
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14 images and gifs of animals working from home | thumbnail left dog leaning on human with computer, thumbnail right cat resting head on top of computer mouse

Working From Home With Attention Seeking Pets

This whole pandemic thing is getting old for us, but not for our pets! How many of you guys have been working remotely since things really got heavy? We know that we love our office, but our pets sure wish we would work from home forever and never leave them again. What's it like working with clingy attention seeking pets by your side? Okay, we'll admit it's a little distracting , but so worth it just for some extra animal love. The silliness that occurs when we go to work with our best buddies…
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original comic by Ilana Zeffren about the reality of working with cats thumbnail includes two drawings of a cat interrupting a girl while working

The Hilarious Reality Of Working With Cats All Cat Owners Understand (Comics)

Hilarious and relatable LOL
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youtube video of news bloopers of 2020 - thumbnail of cat video bombing a news reel

Working From Home News Bloopers Featuring Animals (Video)

So funny and so cute
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ichc challenge pets home working funny lol cute aww animals facebook | Deedra Maas My coworkers are super lazy, and keep finding them asleep job | Mary Ann Tobin Selkie refuses think outside box.

Awwdorable Co-Workers Preventing Humans From Working (ICHC Challenge Results)

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working from home pets Cats Video - 390151

Working From Home Is Damn Near Impossible If You Own a Cat

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