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17 Funny Memes To Get You Through Monday!

Awww YISS, it's Monday again. 

"And what is so good about Mondays?" you ask.

Monday Memes! That is what is good about Monday, memes. End of list.

Now go ahead and get yourself some of those painful Monday memes, or the Monday Meme Dump. And if you're having a particularly stereotypical Monday, try the Dank Monday Memes and see if that takes the edge off. You've got an entire week of work ahead of you and you won't be able to make it without your dose of Monday memes. So, if need be, we've found for you a list of Savage AF Monday Memes to be used only in case of emergency. Which is very convenient, because anything on Mondays regarding memes is an emergency. 

Monday Memes - Corgi passed out on the floor joking that coffee is not helping, get the jumper cables
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