I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread about a neighbor thinking that a woman is scolding her boyfriend all the time when it's actually a cat | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - abby govindan @abbygov moved into a new building & my neighbor joked "I hear you constantly lecturing your bf, he sounds like a handful" and I replied "lol men am I right?” bc I didn't want to tell her that Im single & just earnestly scold my cat for taking a tone w me when I do everything around here 8:26 PM - Nov 19, 2022 -'

Neighbor Thinks Woman Constantly Lectures Her BF Even Though It's Actually Her Cat, Hilarity On Twitter Ensues

We've been there
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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a woman overcoming her fear of cats by feeding a tuxedo cat ice cream | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a woman sitting on stairs and feeding a tuxedo cat ice cream 'My roommate, who didn't want to live with me because she was scared of cats, feeding my cat ice cream while he enjoys the weather outside'

Wholesome Moment Of Woman Conquering Her Fear Of Cats By Feeding A Tuxedo Cat Ice Cream

A woman and a cat bonding over a tub of ice cream
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10 reddit text images, inlaws replace woman's dog | thumbnail blue background text "we got back we went straight to his parents house to collect our dog but I knew straight away something was wrong. The dog they had wasn't mine (looked identical but was missing identifying marks). I lost my cool and started yelling at them but they denied everything and said I was just stressed and tired. "

In-Laws Trade Son And His GF's Dog In For Better Behaved Lookalike Assuming They Wouldn't Notice, Outrage Ensues

Are you kidding me
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tumblr thread about a story of a women choosing to marry the one who can catch her cat thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - keuhkopussirotta Follow Story idea: The most wanted woman in town has announced that she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. Many men try to hunt the cat down, chase and trap it, but to no avail, the cat is simply too quick, smart and clever, and always finds a way to evade and avoid them.'

Tumblr Thread: Prompt About A Woman And The Cat With A Key Around Its Neck

Full of unexpected plot twists.
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13 reddit text images of boyfriend giving girlfriend ultimatum over cat | thumbnail blue background "fter she got the cat she kept asking me what's wrong. I told her it was so inconsiderate of her to get the cat because I am allergic and what if we decide to move in together one day? I said I don't see this working out if she plans to keep the cat. She told me I'm overreacting and we just started dating so I shouldn't try to "control" her "

Entitled Dude Gives Girlfriend Of Two Months Cat UItimatum: It's Him Or The Cat

Pretty presumptuous fellow
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video of a huge cat and a grandma cuddling | thumbnail includes a picture of an old woman hugging a huge cat

Massive Cat And Elderly Woman's Heartwarming Love For Each Other (Video)

Overwhelmingly awwdorable <3
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viral twitter thread about a woman resurrecting a bird with her boobs thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Summer Heacock @Fizzygrrl Help Twitter plz help i found a bird dead, floating in the water bin we leave out for our raccoons and it was in there 20+ minutes the kids begged me to save it so i put wrapped it up and put it in my shirt for fast warming an hour later guys help my tits resurrected a bird 5:05 AM - Mar 12, 2021 - Twitter Web App 6,527 Retweets 4,405 Quote Tweets 36.3K Likes'

Woman Resurrects A Bird With Her Breasts (Viral Twitter Thread)

Not moving for an hour and then... miracle.
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dog with a sweater

This Woman Will Knit You a Sweater Out Of Your Dog's Hair

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cat with old lady

Everyday This Cat Patiently Waits For An Elderly Woman To Catch Up To Him (Video)

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shelter old woman blankets knitting Cats stray - 4401925

93 Years Old Woman Knits Blankets For Shelter Cats

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a video of a woman pulling out kittens from her wall

Amazing Woman Recognizes Familiar Sounds of Kittens in Distress and Springs Into Action

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a cute photo of a very cute puppy - cover for a story

Woman Leaves The Corporate World And Opens Million Dollar Whole Foods Dog Barkery

Things change as we get older. We get wiser, we learn that if something isn't making us happy it never will. We teach ourselves to let go and take risks. But it's still a surprise when someone actually does a 360 on a career switch! Although a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found "Late-career job changes have become more common over the past several decades at the same time that working longer has become more necessary, the rise in job-changing appears to be large…
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Doggone if I Know

woman finish caption google - 8804530176
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Well, I'm Never Un-seeing THAT!

woman caption Cats - 8750257664
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opossum wtf woman possum Video - 71270913

Watching This Woman Try To Remove A Family Of Possums In Her Closet Is Equally Terrifying And Hilarious

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All Shall Tremble in Fear at the Call of the Ferretwoman

face woman Cats - 7129851136
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