I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 photos of pet owners who desperately need a reality check | thumbnail includes text saying 'Today 9:15 PM I just seen ur cat under cars between oxford and Cecil on willington I actually found him last night! It must be a similar looking one but thank you!! Do I still get the 75? Today 10:47 PM You didn't find my cat... so no Delivered'

13 Super Entitled Pet Owners Who Need A Reality Check ASAP

Excuse us??
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video of a herd of elephants joyfully sliding into a river | thumbnail includes a photo of the elephants sliding

Elephants Joyfully Slide Into River (Video)

Look out below!
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a story about a woman dumping her boyfriend because he doesn't approve of her cat | thumbnail includes text saying

Woman Chooses Cat Over BF, Asks Internet For Advice

Cats > Boys, Always
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A Quora thread about rare little known facts about animals | thumbnail includes a picture of two hippos eating a  Zebra and the text ' A Hippopotamus will devour a floating Zebra if they're given half the chance....'

People Share Perception-Changing Facts About Animals

The more you know!
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a crazy story about a woman who left her dog with a dog sitter who made some poor decisions | thumbnail includes text saying 'she sent me a picture of my dog, who she was allowing her 6 year old niece to lie on. Like my dog was sleeping and her head was on my dogs side.'

Reddit Thread: Woman Ends Vacation To Take Her Dog Away From Irresponsible Sitter

Would you let someone do this with your dog?
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a compilation of tiktoks featuring ugly animals who act adorable | thumbnail includes three photos of ugly animals acting cute

An Ugly Animal Appreciation Post: Cute TikToks Of Odd Animals

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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a reddit item about a man who decides to fire his employee because her fox has made her a bad worker | thumbnail includes text saying 'She was aware of it and apologized, saying "sorry, I had to take [the fox] to a vet 1 hour away " or "sorry I'm late, [the fox] peed on me this morning before work and I had to re- shower," but it was happening nearly every day.'

Woman Asked To Surrender Her Pet Fox By Boss

Getting a pet fox was no piece of cake...
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fun facts and info about sea creatures | thumbnail includes a tweet about sea anemones saying 'sea urchins protect themselves by putting rocks and shells on their "heads" so apparently if u give them tiny hats they will put them on and wear them'

Learn More About Silly Sea Creatures

Fish fun facts!
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a video of 30 white rhinos being welcomed into a nature preserve in Rwanda | thumbnail includes a white rhino in the foreground, and several in the background of the reserve

30 White Rhinos Are Introduced To Conservation Center (Video)

Welcome Rhinos!
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photos of animals before and after being adopted | thumbnail includes a photo of a dog before and after he was adopted into his forever home

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

Pawsome Adoption Stories
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a video of a camel herd eating and drinking | thumbnail includes five camels approaching a water silo

Crazy Cute Camels Enjoy Lunchtime (Video)

Today we're in camel-lot!
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women on twitter claim men should not own cats, the internet claps back | thumbnail includes two tweets saying 'ladies would you date a dude with a cat?' and 'I don't know. it just seems soft. Like I'd expect him to pee sitting down or something.'

Twitter Claps Back At Women Who Claim Men Shouldn't Own Cats

They said what???
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nature spiders woah Video rescue - 61708033

Epic Rescue of the Day: Watch a Bumblebee Save a Fellow Bumblebee Stuck in a Spider Web

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And Your Wondered Where Those Beautiful Colors in Your Sweater Came From....

colors high woah trippy sheep Mushrooms - 6998310912
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Stoat Keanu Knows Kung-Fu

i know keanu reeves kung fu stoat the matrix weasel woah - 5961554688
By Geoffrey Fortier


cash chihuahua eyes googly eyes money not good uh oh woah worried - 5217865984
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