I Can Has Cheezburger?


You Add Too Much Lizard Tail and Look What Happens

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This Harry was Sorted into Slytherin

Harry Potter puns wizard lizard - 7934925568
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He Likes Casting Sleeping Spells...on Himself

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Sorry, Not Without an Appointment

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A Lizard is Never Late. In Fact, He Arrives Precisely When he Memes To.

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Not Great, but Not Terrible

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U luk majikal

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Remember Going to the Bank as a Kid and Seeing the Pneumatic Tubes for the First Time?

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The Voice of Experience

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Pranks at Hogwarts

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Lolcats: Wat?!

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Animal Capshunz: WHAT is Your Favorite Reptile?

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Where'd they go?

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Animal Capshunz: The Series Would Have Been Less Popular This Way

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Common mistake in lizardry circles

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