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Mountain Climbing Tabby Cat Skis Down the Biggest Slopes in Alaska and Looks Cool Doing It

And we thought cats were lazy
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video of finnegan fox and friends playing in snow | thumbnail image of confused fox face

Smol Finnegan Fox Cutely Reacts To Huge Sneeze (Video)

Smol fox big reaction
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12 tweets of dogs in snow | thumbnail "if your cold your dog is cold too, my dogs:" thumbnail right image of two large white dogs laying in happily in piles of snow

Twitter Users Show Off Pictures Of Delightful Dogs Enjoying A Snow Day

Winter fun with our trusty doggo companions
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video of a man building a snow cave for his sled dog after a huge snow storm | thumbnail includes a picture of a fluffy white dog inspecting snow

Making A Snow Cave For A Sled Dog After A Snow Storm (Video)

Overwhelmed with joy.
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viral twitter thread about someone making an army of snow ducks | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snowball maker toy and a whole lot of snow ducks and one tweet 'Product - woahh mann @ashhhhhhole this is the best day of my life 8:44 PM - Jan 15, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 91.5K Retweets 8,701 Quote Tweets 953K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Woman Builds An Army Of Snow Ducks And Goes Viral

this girl truly has her ducks in a row.
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video of two kookaburras coming into someone's home during a storm | thumbnail includes one picture of a kookaburra sitting on someone's leg

2 Wild Kookaburras Come Inside To Wait Out A Storm (Video)

Kookaburras are so friendly.
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a funny twitter thread about a cat bandit | thumbnail includes text saying 'woke us up at 7 am with a crashing sound and she runs up onto the bed like this'

Twitter Thread: Hooligan Cats Break Into The Gifts

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original ICanHasCheezburger animation about a cat playing on Christmas | thumbnail includes a cat playing with their hoomans under a Christmas tree

Cat Vs. Christmas (Original Animation)

Merry Cat-mas!
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a cute compilation of wild animals underneath the christmas tree | thumbnail includes a photo of a fox under a christmas tree with the caption 'Someone in my county set up a tree by her wildlife camera and caught these. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?'

Awwdorable Wild Animals Enjoying A Christmas Tree

Season's Greetings
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christmas birds snow ruthf birdwatching winter animals holidays - 16024581

The Prettiest Winter Birbs Photographed By Birdwatchers This Season

pretty birds!
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a compilation of awwdorable dogs staying toasty this winter | thumbnail includes two toasty boys on left side and an indoor good boy on the right

Toasty Boyz: Awwdorable Puppers Bundled Up For December

Doggon Cute Puppers
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pictures of dogs entangled in Christmas lights | thumbnail includes two pictures,  a small dog entangled in lights and big dog entangled in lights

Joyful Christmas Disasters With Dogs Entangled In Lights

When Christmas cheer goes too far
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a twitter thread about whether it's safe for your pet to sleep outside | thumbnail includes text saying 'This is where my girl sleeps. Where she belongs' and 'I had an old dog that preferred to sleep outside on the deck. She was welcome inside anytime'

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Has Their Dog Sleep Outside During Winter

Twitter has spoken.
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16 images and tweets of cats in snow | thumbnail left and right image of cat in snow "cats in snow"

Precious Felines Enjoy A Winter's Day In The Snow

Such fun
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a video about a man who build an adorable holiday village for some squirrels

Man Builds Incredible Christmas Village For Squirrels (Video)

Acorn Heaven
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a roundup of holiday cards with pets in them or on them | thumbnail includes text saying 'wreck the hall and blame the doggies' as well as two Christmas cards

The Best Animal Christmas Cards Of 2021

Happy Paw-lidays!
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