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cool cute wine k9 cinema - 8420613

K9 Cinema in Plato, Texas, Lets You To Bring Your Dog To The Movies And Offers Bottomless Wine

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new wine for cats and dogs

Your Cat Can Become Your New Drinking Buddy With This New Catnip Wine

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When You Think You're Fancy Because You Know Wine

a funny meme of explaining that when you go to a restaurant and actually recognize some wine off the menu you feel very very fancy
Via sweatpantsbonerwasalreadytaken
wine Cats drunk feline - 835589

Never Drink Alone Again Because Now You Can Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine for Cats

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Nice Color, Though; B+ Red

wine caption Cats - 8797045760
See all captions Created by samrrye

Ruff Day?

animals wine caption - 8773796096
See all captions Created by narykids

With a Hint of Cheese

wine caption Cats - 8756993024
See all captions Created by Philippa2

Best nose in the wine business

wine anteater funny animals - 8588985600
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

age captions Cats complain pun whine wine - 6508988928
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Bring Me A Bigger Glass Please

wine Cats - 8485590016
See all captions Created by Frank15

And That is Why Most Rodents Prefer White Wine

gifs glasses wine rodents - 8372897536
Created by Chris10a

If You Don't Have Toona, You Don't Know Meh at All

wine bribe Cats - 8415335680
See all captions Created by roniharvey

The Squirrel Has a Good Night Planned

wtf squirrel wine funny g rated - 8426315264
Created by anselmbe

This Carrot and Wine Pair Nicely

Bunday carrot cute wine bunny - 8425799680
Via awwww-cute

Lolcat Coasters are Not Responsible for Broken Glasses or Scratched Humans

Cats christmas glass gift wine - 8391758592
See all captions Created by Suzi_sMom

Break the Internet Cat Kardashian

parody wine ceiling cat Cats - 8377575424
Via madcap_
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