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an incredible video about two bears reuniting for the first time after being injured in a fire | thumbnail includes a photo of the two bear cubs with their mother

Two Bear Cubs Reunite After Surviving Forest Fire (Video)

Bear-y cute!
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zookeeper from australia shares his love for animals - thumbnail of zookeeper hugging koala bear and koala kissing his forehead

Australian Zookeeper Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Wild Job

And it's awakening everyone's love for animals
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story about the world's smallest possum being rediscovered on Kangaroo Island despite fears of it being wiped out by bushfires thumbnail includes a picture of two tiny pygmy possums held in someone's hands

Almost Wiped Out By Bushfires, World's Smallest Possum Discovered

incredible news!
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story about an owl that was rescued from the California wildfires by firefighters thumbnail includes two pictures including the owl with its spread out wings singed and another of the owl making a funny face at the camera with its caretaker behind it

Owl With Singed Wings Rescued From Silverado Fire

The feisty cutie is going to be released after its feathers grow back
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story of a 4 to 6 week old mountain lion cub who was rescued by firefighters from the California wildfires thumbnail includes a picture of the mountain lion cub covered in a pink blanket

Mountain Lion Cub Rescued From California Wildfires

4-6 week old adorable mountain lion cub was rescued by firefighters
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heartwarming bobcat wildlife wildfire - 7091461

Bobcat Shows Gratitude And Love For Boy Who Saved Him From A Wildfire

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