I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Summer Of Kittens: Mountain Lion Baby Boom Near Los Angeles

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Cougar Plays Shell Game To Find Favorite Stuffed Toy (Video)

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Terribly Abused Lion Cub Is Rescued

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Lion Soulmates Euthanized Together Due To Health Problems

Together even in death
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Incredible Rare Black Leopard Spotted At An Indian Reserve

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Scritches: How To Save Yourself From Wildlife (Gifs)

Provide them all the scritches
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Celebrate International Tiger Day With Tiger Cubs (14 Pics + 1 Vid)

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Tiger Population Doubled In India

Over the past 12 years
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Rescued Circus Lions First Touch Of Grass (Video)

All the feels
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Elusive Bornean Bay Cat Is Creepy In Photos

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Lovely Images Of Black Jaguar Playing With Her Spotted Baby

Big love for big cats
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Leopard Surprisingly Sounds Like A Heavy Smoker

What a happy leopard!
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Wildcat Cub Wanders Into Factory And Staff Can't Stop Gushing

And neither can we!
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Hangry Lions And Tigers (Video)

Someone get these murder floofs some grub, and pronto!
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The cutest lil murder floof!

god i shall create a terrifying creature with razor sharp claws powerful muscles and that can grow up to 551lbs... also god: cute baby lion tiger sleeping peacefully
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me: i don't understand why people think i'm so unapproachable. also me: puma cat with a mean expression.
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