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wild animals

A video of a spy beaver interacting with real beavers | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from the video with 4 beavers

Spy Beaver Befriends Beaver Family And Muskrat

Beaver besties
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Video of a fox laughing from tickles | thumbnail includes screenshot of the fox from the video

Adorable Hehe's And Haha's From A Fuzzy Fox (Video)

What does the fox say
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Facebook comments about encounters people have had with wild animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear and one Facebook comment 'Dog breed - Dee Walter Kruleski Well I ran into a bear once when it was dark outside. I mean I walked right into him. Luckily we took off in different directions. I did a pic of him the next day. BTW, bear fur is very soft but bear bodies are very solid! 31 Like Reply Hide Send Message 1d Edited'

Coolest Unexpected Encounters People Had With Wild Animals (ICanHas Edition)

Some wild stories about wild animals.
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arctic wild animals bears polar bear ruthf endangered internationalpolarbearday polar bears - 16532485

Cute Polar Bear Pics: Celebrating International Polar Bear Day With a Fluffy Polar Bear Roundup

Polar bears are adorable and terrifying
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video of lions released to sanctuary | thumbnail image of two lions in nature

Lions Rescued From Circus Are Released Into Nature Sanctuary (Video)

Kings and queens of the jungle
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video of elephants dancing in the rain | thumbnail includes photos of elephants dancing together in the rain

Elephants Dance To Celebrate The Rain (Video)

Everybody Dance Now
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a story of two awwdorable foxes rescued from a zoo | thumbnail includes a mustached fox named Tundra

Tundra The Mustached Fox Has Awwdorable Girlfriend (Video)

Meet this adorable duo!
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a video of a wild leopard being rescued after getting caught | thumbnail includes a leopard peeking out of a stone

Pretty Leopard Gets Stuck In Tight Spot (Video)

Big Cats Need Help Too Sometimes
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a story from reddit about a man whose girlfriend refuses to care for her animals, forcing him to leave her | thumbnail includes text saying 'In a recent conflict, I decided I can no longer allow this and said that it's up to her to decide if she wants to live with me and our daughter or rather have all the animals (for whom she doesn't take care of)'

Man Demands His Hoarder Girlfriend Surrender Animals

How far is too far?
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a super cute story about a wild parrot finding a friendly hooman | thumbnail includes two photos of the wild parrot with its hooman

Pretty Wild Parrot Visits Woman Every Day (Video)

A Parrot Steals Hearts
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an article about a sanctuary for wild birds in South Africa | thumbnail includes two photos of wild birds in the sanctuary

World Of Animals: Inside A South African Bird Sanctuary

Caw-Come On!
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a video of a cow being pampered and treated like a puppy dog | thumbnail includes a photo of a man grooming a cow's mane

Awwdorable Cow Refuses To Grow Up, Acts Like Puppy

Don't have a cow!
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a cute compilation of wild animals underneath the christmas tree | thumbnail includes a photo of a fox under a christmas tree with the caption 'Someone in my county set up a tree by her wildlife camera and caught these. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?'

Awwdorable Wild Animals Enjoying A Christmas Tree

Season's Greetings
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a wild pony is rescued by a man from heavy branches | thumbnail includes two photos fo the wild pony being rescued

Wild Pony Is Freed From Heavy Branches (Video)

Go little stallion!
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a reddit item about a man who decides to fire his employee because her fox has made her a bad worker | thumbnail includes text saying 'She was aware of it and apologized, saying "sorry, I had to take [the fox] to a vet 1 hour away " or "sorry I'm late, [the fox] peed on me this morning before work and I had to re- shower," but it was happening nearly every day.'

Woman Asked To Surrender Her Pet Fox By Boss

Getting a pet fox was no piece of cake...
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an article about different interesting bison content | thumbnail includes a frozen buffalo and a buffalo grazing

13 Gentle Bison Existing In Beautiful Ways

Buffalo Magic
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