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24 photos of a cat with dwarfism and Reddit comments | Thumbnail includes one picture of a cat next to a lint roller and one picture of a kitten in the sun

13 Year Old Cute Cat 'Francis' With Dwarfism Coins The Phrase "Permakitten" And Purrmanently Wiggles His Way Into Our Hearts

We need Francis in our lives this very instant
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List of funny and cute cat images and videos | thumbnail includes two images including a pouncing cat and a cat in a shoebox.

Meowticulous Meowsters Of The Hunt: 16 Stealthy Prey Stalkers Ready To Pounce (Pics And Vids)

The pre-ponce wiggle is proven to raise speed by 15%.
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video of dog running in dog park (camera attached to dog)

Dog Owner Attaches Camera To Corgi And Then Lets Him Loose In The Dog Park

Follow This Corgi On His Dog Park Adventure
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a cat shaking its butt

9 Cats That Love To Wiggle Their Booties (Gifs)

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milk wiggle ears kitten cute Video - 377351

Tiny Kitten Has an Adorable Way of Showing How Much She Loves Her Milk

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Wiggling Intensifies

Via gifbay

Wiggle Like No Cat has Wiggled Before!

Cats attack gifs funny wiggle - 8168089344
Via heebicular

The Deadliest Wiggle

animals butt wiggle attack Cats black cat - 8477687296
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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, Yeah!

kitten gifs wiggle cute dance - 7978679296
Via 4gifs.tumblr.com

Happy Kitteh

kitten ears wiggle - 8303017472
Via lolgifs

Here Kitty Kitty!....

wtf wiggle Cats funny - 8051210752
Created by Iron-man01

Must Not...Move...Head

gifs wiggle Cats pounce - 8043331328
cool gifs wiggle Cats pounce - 184069

8 Cool Cats do the Shimmy Shimmy Shake!

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GIF - That feeling when you hit the dance floor

Funny gif of a cat shaking his butt on the floor, getting ready to either pounce on something or have a dance off.
Created by beernbiccies

And I Was Like, "Oh No She Didn't!"

cute gifs puppies wiggle - 7954150400

Mama Jaguar

Babies jaguar wiggle cub mama squee - 6742385920
Via San Diego Zoo
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