I Can Has Cheezburger?


pets wigs wig Cats hair - 1082117

Bring out Your Pet's Fabulous Side With a Tiny Wig Made Just for Them

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wig thug life sphinx Cats sphynx Video - 81929473

The Thuglife Sphynxies Make Their Music Video Debut

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At Least Give me a Part!

Cats brush toupee wig - 7968803072
By Unknown

"Special" Edition

hair costume wig - 7778573056
By Unknown

One of a Kind

wig funny weird - 7648229376
See all captions By kenbaker

Dog Bullies are the Worst

long hair bullies wig big ears basset hounds - 6991173632
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Corgi Kardashian

long hair wig corgi snausages - 6903795968
See all captions Via © Holly Hildreth 2012

Ears and Paws Shampoo

hair long hair Fluffy wig corgi shampoo - 6918962688
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Bald Eagle? Pish Posh!

gifs eagles birds bald awesome majestic wig bald eagle - 6788270080
Via Literally Same

I'm not saying it was aliens, but...

costume Aliens wig meme golden retriever - 6617980672
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Do *you* have hair dat u can donate?

hair charity confidence wig chihuahua - 6608810752
See all captions By jennybookseller

Why Does Everybody Keep Asking Me That

horse wig lyrics no - 6629702144
See all captions By HP

Donald Trumpug

donald trump neck tie pug wig - 6494172160
See all captions By HokieGirl74

Marilyn Monroof

marilyn monroe what breed wig - 6490562560
See all captions By SMLKArden

Classic LOLcat

bathtub bubbles captions Cats french wig - 6516793600
By Unknown

No, I don't know the words to Private Dancer

captions Cats dance shake wig - 6441602304
See all captions By Tarantino
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