Memes Of Wieners For The Biggest Winners

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's time for some fresh doggo memes of everyone's favorite Halloween dog - the wiener. They're long, they're small, they're great dogs (sometimes) because they're jerks (a lot of times), and though we love them, they hate us - at least when we make them wear wiener costumes. 

Still, the dachshund is a dog that is extremely underappreciated, so we think it's time to give it some love in the best way possible - through wiener memes. Because maybe if we give them some more love, they'll stop trying to attack us when we made sudden movements. We're kiddiiiiing. Of course we're kidding. Wieners are great dogs... most of the time. Time to give them some love!

collection of wiener memes thumbnail includes two memes including a wiener on a bus 'Motor vehicle - Security on buses have gotten strict' and another of a wiener under a blanket 'Dog - When you sit and reflect on how many people you manipulated for treats DAAN IEE'
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