I Can Has Cheezburger?


push ups whale Video - 82582273

When You're Trying to Do Push Ups on a Kayak and a Humpback Whale Ruins Your Shot

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whale Video - 82410497

Research Unit Captures Aerial Footage of Rare White Whale Calf

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Try Not to Be Jealous of This Dude Who Got Photobombed by a Whale

try not to be jealous of this dude who got photobombed by a whale
Via @will.rosner
whale surprise whoa boat Video - 81848577

Giant Whale Almost Swallows an Entire Boat Full of Tourists

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whale Video - 79961089

Watch a Humpback Whale Surface Right Next to the Pier

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twitter seattle whale Video rainbow - 493060

A Magical Whale Rainbow Was Spotted in Seattle

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Can You Not?

Animal Caption Whale Image
Via tumblr
whale ocean Video - 74710017

A Giant Grey Whale Decided to Pal Around With Some Surfers

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whale cute Video - 74368001

Watch Out Kid! That Beluga Whale Spits

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Seal Rides a Whale, Probably to Protest Uber

friendship seal whale ocean - 8565837568
Via Robyn Malcolm
scary whale Video - 74285313

Two Kayakers Had a Terrifying Whale Encounter They Will Never Forget

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whale Video - 73819393

Tourists Captured a Stunning Video of a Whale Breaching Close By

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whale cute Video - 73503745

Divers Get a Surprise Visit From Some Orca Whales Near New Zealand

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whale funny Video - 73650945

Blue Whales Are Just So Hard to Find... Except That One

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whale funny Video - 73523969

This Beluga Whale Loves Being Serenaded by a Mariachi Band

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news whale cute Video - 73526017

A Whale With Trash Stuck to His Head Found Help From a Nearby Fishing Boat

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