I Can Has Cheezburger?


posts about cats on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat covered in catnip doing a blep 'Catnip induced blep u/denrae-' and another of a shocked cat holding someone's arm 'Teefies on some kinda super catnip u/TomieTomyTomi'

Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

hilariously delirious
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funny tweets about pet rent thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Lena ... @banalplay Hmph. I guess I will take my money and my comically obese cats someplace else! Cats Allowed $40 Monthly Pet Rent $250 Fee • 300 lb Weight Limit • 2 Pet Limit 12:07 AM · Feb 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App 947 Retweets 65 Quote Tweets 17K Likes'

Funny Tweets About The Ridiculousness Of Pet Rent

Pet rent is kiiiinda ridiculous.
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pictures of cats defying the laws of physics - thumbnail includes two images one of a cat on a tv and one of a cat sitting really strange

The Laws Of Physics Mean Jack Diddly-Squat To Cats

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viral thread about a dog who likes to pee on tangerines thumbnail includes a picture of a dog next to a tangerine bush '"He loves peeing on the mandarins. Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband! Don’t worry! I washed them, and smelled them. Plus, you don’t eat the skin anyway!" - Demikmj'

Hooligan Doggo That Likes To Pee On Tangerines Goes Viral

he's a cutie
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confused and funny tweets about extinct animals thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Frankie! ... @FrankieMooon How do they know an animal is extinct like??? U looked everywhere???? 9:07 AM Feb 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 168.2K Retweets 8,153 Quote Tweets 1.3M Likes'

Twitter Gets Funny About Extinct Animals (Viral Tweets)

So, how do you reeeeeeally know it's extinct?
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posts of cats sleeping with their face pressed against things thumbnail includes two pictures of cats sleeping with their face pressed to the couch 'Gf said i needed to post this and say he's broken u/Halasvir'

Faceplant: Most Comfortable Cat Sleeping Position

Not broken, just cat.
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weird pictures of cats thumbnail includes a picture of a cat inside of a see-through bag and another of a cat on a table and a puzzle on the floor

Pictures Of Nothing But Cat Chaos

We....... love them no matter what.
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the bluefooted booby - thumbnail includes two images of the bluefooted booby

Awkwardly-Adorable Blue-Footed Boobies (12 Pics + 1 Vid)

If a bird and bowling pin became one
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videos of cats being cats thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat jumping really high to catch a balloon and another of a cat falling off a Christmas tree

Random Funny Videos Of Cats Being Cats Because Why Not

Just cats being themselves.
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viral twitter thread about ocean animals again Bernie Sanders for scale thumbnail includes two pictures of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens including one where he's next to a giant crab and another where he's holding a jellyfish 'Human body - Open Ocean Exploration @RebeccaRHelm 000 The approximate size of various ocean animals with a Bernie for scale. A Thread. 5:14 AM - Jan 22, 2021 Twitter Web App 9K Retweets 1.9K Quote Tweets 31.9K Likes'

Ocean Animals Versus Bernie For Scale (Viral Twitter Thread)

Hilarious... but surprisingly informative too.
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posts from r/whatswrongwithyourdog thumbnail includes a picture of two dogs sitting with their butts up against a wall 'When one sits on the wall, obviously the other has to, too u/Ciavagliajm'

Doggos Being Their Loveable Weirdo Selves

What's wrong with your dog? Absolutely nothing.
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pictures and posts about cats sitting in sinks thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a sink and a kitten in a sink 'Seems the sink is a little clogged? u/a_recoveringcatholic'

Cats And Their Weird Love For Sinks

Loveable weirdos being themselves.
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pictures of cats being weird thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a cat posing weirdly inside of a litter box and another of a cat looking like it's falling out of a window 'Comfort - Vertebrate - Posted by u/Ian--McKellen That's not how you are supposed to use it Posted by u/ughhhfine She'll hold this pose until you pet her...'

Cats That Don't Really Know How To Cat

Only slightly wrong.
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animals but their heads replaced with a cat's - thumbnail of cat face on a white seal and a cat face on a little sugar glider

Regular Animals Heads Replaced With Cats Make It Weirdly Cute

Each animal looks so cute
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an 'is your cat strange questionnaire - thumbnail of title "is your cat strange?" following by multiple choice answers | My cat likes sit. Is Comfortable? on anything with preference bumpy surfaces littered with pointy objects on books and on couches/sofas newspapers Paradise

Questionnaire: How Strange Is Your Cat

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weird things cats do - thumbnail of cat obsessed with oven "bought a new stove today, but the cat thought it was his new bed and now he cannot tear himself away from it"

Everyday Cat Situations All Cat Owners Can Resonate With

This is so accurate
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