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Woman's cat accidentally eats weed cookie, and the Twitter thread that follows | My horrible gremlin kitten snarfed an entire weed cookie and got violently high other day thread. Carmine Deville @Carmine_Devi 14h Replying Carmine_Deville Firstly wanna preface this by saying she's fine, because this cat is an indestructible Dumpster Demon TM with stomach steel. Her father raccoon and her mother ate and shat nails. She'd fight god half stale bagel and win. 1 Carmine Deville @Carmine_Devi

Twitter Thread: Gremlin Kitten Snarfs Weed Cookie

The goblin was fine in the end!
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drugs campaign weed Video sloth - 89184513

"Stoner Sloth" Is An Australian Anti-Drug Campaign And It's Hilarious

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a funny video of two high cats

Cats Have A Wild Night When They Knock Over Weed Plant

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marijuana pets catnip Cats weed - 1773573

Meowijuana Is a Green Furmacy That's for Cats Only

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pets chihuahua weed - 1143301

Poor Chihuahua Accidentally Gets Super High After Eating a Weed Cookie

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Why Do You Smell Like a Skunk?

why do you smell like a skunk
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buzzfeed high sloth Video weed - 79293697

Stoned People Get Surprised With Sloths and Freak Out Accordingly

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I Could Really Go for Some Treats Right Now

lost the ball meme
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Besides, I Libs in Colorado

caption Cats weed - 8753968384
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Just Play it Cool, Human

Black Lab weed - 8453752064
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Here's One Sure Sign You May Need to Lay Off a Bit

panda waving weed - 6984759296
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Colorado Cat found teh Cheetos

hungry marijuana mj captions cheetos Cats weed - 6746076928
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This, my friend, is a rare find

marijuana mj captions Cats weed - 6749305344
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Animal Capshunz: Not That I Mind

captions goat grass happy high stoned weed - 6511626752
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I Will Never Understand Human Logic

confused dandelion Flower gorilla logic understand weed - 6218520576
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I'm Not a Dealer, Dude!

fish goldfish marijuana weed - 5905054208
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