I Can Has Cheezburger?


10 reddit text based images | thumbnail reddit text "My fiancé was attacked by a golden retriever when he was 11. While it wasn't physically severe, it did affect him mentally and he had to go to therapy to be comfortable around dogs. He is now fine around all dogs but golden retrievers. Because of this, my sister always visits us without her dog. She's usually fine to go out if she is with our mum and doesn't want to bring the dog, this is what my sister says not me assuming."

Woman Chastised For Not Inviting Dog To Wedding, Family Threatens Not To Come

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Cats in weddings | cute orange kitten under white gauze fabrics bride dress | curious grey cat looking closely at a red box with two rings

Fifteen Cats Making Weddings Infinitely Better

Cats in weddings
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15 Animals You Shouldn't Invite To Your Wedding

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photos of animals at weddings

23 Photos That Prove It Might Not Be The Best Idea To Bring Animals To Weddings

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A Formal Affair

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Two Dogs and a Story of Love

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Spud Helps His Best Bud Propose

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Kitty Crashes Wedding

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Animal Videos: Doggy Wedding

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I Has A Hotdog: Goggie and Bride

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The Wedding Crashers

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Wedinator: Wedding of Cat and Cat

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Do You Take Thish Shexy, Shexy Man to Be Your Lawfully-Wedded Hushband?

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