Betty, The Weather Cat, Makes It To The Big Leagues

14 News, you have our undivided attention! 

Sorry, let us be more clear, *Jeff Lyons of 14 News, you have our undivided attention! Jeff Lyons, the weatherman for 14 News (currently working from home) has delivered a weather report with his cat, Betty, in his arms. 

If you can't see why this is the most newsworthy story to us right now... then we simply cannot help you. 

Betty, you are a star. And we look forward to where your career goes after this. 

Follow Jeff Lyons on Facebook for all the latest Betty updates! 

news cat weatherman betty lol funny cute aww | weather report man cuddling cat during broadcast | 11:51 PM Mon Apr 13 9 71% Peoria LIma rian Lafayette FROST/FREEZE WARNINGS Sprma Muncir 14 ALERT FIRST EZE Dauton Type: Freeze Warning Until: Tuesday 9:00 AM CDT Watch ute sday 9:00 AM EDT cmati Cngnam St. Louis Maysville Mt. Vernon Carbondale 14 FIRST ALERT BETTY WEATHER CAT Londc Paducah
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