I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a baby weasel playing with a human | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny baby weasel held in someone's hand

Playtime With An Itty Bitty Awwdorable Weasel (Video)

Tiny, fierce, and too cute for this world.
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video of baby weasel | thumbnail left baby weasel yawning, thumbnail right weasel in grass

Teeny Baby Weasel Found In A Sink Decides Stuffed Bunny Is His Mama (Video)

When found, this lil baby was only a few inches long but packed an intense scream! He let everyone know he was there, there was no way he could be missed. He was taken in by Kim, a wildlife rehabilitator. Lucky for him! Kim believes that something happened to the little weasel's mom, because it is totally abnormal to find a newborn baby weasel so casually. Kim, being the awesome wildlife rehabilitator that she is, placed a stuffed bunny in her baby weasel's enclosure so he would have a friend t…
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I'll take a dozen please

OH MY GOD BABY WEASELS THEYRE SO CUTE AND TINY WHAT THE HECK I made a noise that sounded like a deflating balloon
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Get Stoked For These Insanely Adorable 14 Stoats!

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Cat Snakes in the Ball Pit

ferrets gifs weasels - 8480785408
Created by anselmbe

Lights Out, Please!

gifs critters weasels sleeping - 8470872832
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cute weasels Video animals - 69425409

No Gaming Today! Ozzy the Weasel Wants to Play!

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My Friend is a Little Weasel

Cats critters buds gifs weasels - 8323351808
Created by Unknown

Weasely Listening

Music pop weasels - 8323325440
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Playing With Weasels Isn't a Game

Babies gifs weasels bite funny - 8009534976
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That's My Favorite Move

weasels do a barrel roll - 7052525312
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surprise weasels stoat squee playing jumping - 6591956224
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Animal Capshunz: It'll Come Back Around Though

brown captions fashion sassy style weasel weasels - 6400553472
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Daily Squee: Sleeping Beauty

beauty sleep ferret ferrets human-like pretty sleep sleeping squee weasels - 6150143232
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Animal Capshunz: Everyone's Had a Relationship Like This

best of the week distracted ermine flip Hall of Fame love metaphor stoat weasel weasels - 6144823808
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Animal Capshunz: Ermine Savage

ermine flip mythbusters stoat substitute weasel weasels - 6076419840
See all captions Created by jamesmastromattei
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