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Redditor Shares Daily Pics Of Chameleon Holding LEGO Props

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This Chick is Packin'!

chicks funny weapons chicken nuggets - 8101501184
Created by Kyler_Cheez

Damn Machine Ate My Dollar!

guns weapons wtf - 5247415552
Created by martyr


america American Flag caption contest guns TV weapons wtf - 5259104256
Via I Heart Chaos

I've Already Used Him to Burn Down One House!

animals Cats fire firefighters I Can Has Cheezburger rescue stand back weapons - 5247490304
Via Catasters

Stranger Danger!!!!

caption captioned cat danger defensive kitten now stranger stranger danger weapons - 4915923200
See all captions Created by smorizio


acronym caption captioned cat claws destruction i has mouse siamese Staring weapons - 4341021696
See all captions Created by fuzzbeast