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And That's Why We Wear Trunks for Swimming

embarrassed seals swimming trunks uh oh wave - 6551769856
See all captions Created by BluebirdBlvd

Animal Gifs: Are those... Fish?

fish gifs jump ocean water wave wtf - 6576165376

Not Much of a Choice

bear choice grin pun smile wave waving - 6508242944
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Animal Gifs: Makin' Waves

gifs jump ocean water wave whale - 6510882816

I Appear to Be Stuck

elephant faceplant falling help ocean stuck water wave - 6198517504
See all captions Created by pollyme2

Animal Gifs: Shake a Paw

bunnies bunny cute Fluffy gifs paw shake squee wave - 6335139328

I Did It! OOMPH.

baby ocean sea turtle turtle wave - 6310678272

Animal Gifs: Paw Wave

animated gifs escalator gifs leash paws wave waving - 6320431872

Don't Scream, I'm Just Trying to Help

car dropped helpful lion misunderstood wait wave - 6166883584
See all captions Created by Nightowl79

Bon Voyage!

face hamster paw wave - 5971755520
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Wave Hello

hamster hello hi wave - 6039813120
Created by mpielka

I fink am lagical

cat Hall of Fame lolcat paw sci fi space Spock Star Trek wave - 6075430400
See all captions Created by djlucas

Animal Gifs: Buh Bye

cute elephant elephants gifs nose trunk wave waving squee - 6060741632

Squee Spree: Eight Waves Goodbye

octopus orange squee spree wave - 6045668352
Via Wet Pixel

It's A Tall Edge

baby climb hello hi seal struggle wave - 5935168000
See all captions Created by NotASingleFuckToGive

Jedi Binturong

hand star wars the force wave - 5909037824
See all captions Created by ashbashbonkfan