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video of group of capybaras eating watermelon | thumbnail left giant watermelon 97kg thumbnail right group of capybaras eating watermelon

Squad Of Capybaras Takes 220 Pound Watermelon During Snack Time (Video)

Have you ever seen a whole squad of capybaras take on an almost two hundred pound fruit? No? To be honest, neither had we, until today! What do you know about capybaras ? Not much? Allow us to help you out! Capybaras are animals from the rodent family. They grow to be about 4 feet and 100 pounds. They are super friendly and respond well to contact with humans and other animals! In this awwdorable video, we see a gigantic 220 pound watermelon being absolutely demolished by this squad of capybara…
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video of wildcats eating watermelon | thumbnail left tiger with watermelon, thumbnail right jaguar with watermelon

Wild Felines Try Watermelon (Reaction Video)

Summertime is here and that means fun in the sun and delicious watermelon is on deck! Check out their reactions of these wildcats when they are given a whole heckin watermelon, and see who liked them! The creators of this video, Big Cat Rescue is an non-breeding sanctuary dedicated to ending the abuse of cub petting and private possession of big cats. Hey, we can get behind that! It's pretty hard not to like something as delicious as a cool refreshing watermelon . These big cats certainly seem …
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pictures tweets and videos of cats eating watermelons thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a white cat licking a watermelon and another of a black cat eating a watermelon 'Cat - Discovered that Fresno REALLY likes watermelon today'

End Of Summer Delight: Cats Eating Watermelons

Pictures and videos of cute cats eating watermelons
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foxes watermelon eating video cute aww adorable treats heat summer hot youtube rescue fox video

Foxes Enjoying Watermelon On Hot Day (Video)

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ducks ducklings summer watermelon eating cute aww animals youtube video treat heat refreshing

Summer Treats: Ducks Enjoying A Watermelon (Video)

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watermelon maze cats video challenge animals lol funny cute adorable aww youtube

Cats Take On Watermelon Maze (Video)

This is different
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youtube cute watermelon turtle delicious - 546310

Turtles Go Ham On Some Delicious Watermelon

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girl and dog sharing that last slice of watermelon

When There's Only One Slice of Watermelon Left...

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water melon treats for your dog this summer

Water Melon Popsicles are Exactly What Your Pooch Needs This Summer

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Cats Video watermelon zen - 82432513

Watching This Cat Hang out in a Watermelon Will Make You Feel Super Zen

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Bird or Watermelon?

bird or watermelon
Via GallowBoob
guinea pig watermelon Video - 81947137

Dog and Guinea Pig Share a Delicious Slice of Watermelon

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TIL: I Know German

watermelon caption Cats - 8811042816
Via OpenUpMyEagerEyesCauseImMrBrightside

Technically Those Are Watermelons...

animals pumpkins watermelon caption Cats - 8803910912
Created by MuttMeat

Don't Just Eat the Watermelon, Become the Watermelon

Via @shelisrolex
french bulldogs watermelon Video - 79828225

French Bulldog Can't Figure Out What to Do With a Watermelon

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