I Can Has Cheezburger?


Just don't go chasing that waterfall, you might end up in a rut. There is something truly majestic and awesomely powerful about these marvels of nature. So what could be better than finding humor in the wonders of nature? Nothing, that's what.

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So Majestic, No Wonder They Call Him the King of the Jungle

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Never ask that question

hello bear wrong bad day waterfall eating fish - 6630328832
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Colorful Crunchy Shell. Chewy Middle.

WoW Staring bears nope waterfall fish - 6930808832
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At Least Now They Know for Sure

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Now We Have a Big Mess to Clean Up

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Much Easier This Way

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A NOT So Grizzly Ending.

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Odd, That, 'Cos it Only Seems to Apply to Seafood...

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We're Gonna Starve Because of You

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True Happiness

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never too old

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