I Can Has Cheezburger?


14 pictures of liquid appearing cats | thumbnail three panels side by side, cats looking  like liquid

Liquid Based Series Of Pictures Proving Once And For All That Cats Are Indeed Aqueous Creatures

A tall drink of cat
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An embedded video from Reddit and 16 screenshots about a cat demanding to be watered like a plant | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat looking at a plant and meowing at his owner 'MY cat demanding to be watered like a plant'

Standard Issue Tabby Cat Demands To Be Watered Like A Plant

Is it a tabby cat? Is it a catcus? We'll never know
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A TikTok video and 13 comments about ways to get cats to drink water | Thumbnail includes  a screenshot of a cat looking into a water bowl and a screenshot of a toy fish swimming in a water bowl 'this is how I get my cat to drink more water'

Cat Owners Come Up With Creative Ways To Trick Their Cats Into Drinking Water

Hydration station
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15 screenshots from a Reddit discussion about a cat going into the tub after his human showers to sit and stare at dripping water | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat sitting in a bathtub and watching water drip from the faucet 'Whenever I get out of the shower, he comes in afterwards and just sits there for a bit getting his butt wet. Any idea why? they are calculating gravity Because cat.'

After Every Hooman Shower, Black Cat Gets In The Tub, Sits, Stares, And Wets His Bum A Little

We're sure he has his reasons
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2 TikTok videos and 12 funny comments about a kitten that fell asleep while drinking water | Thumbnail includes two photos of a kitten sleeping near a bowl of water 'This is a comfy pillow'

Heartwarming Video Of A Baby Kitten Falling Asleep While Drinking Water

She had one job
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video of cats trying to cross a water maze | thumbnail includes a picture of a bunch of cats trying to not step in water

Creating A Water Obstacle Challenge For 8 Cats (Video)

And each one of them solves it differently.
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4 minute video of an albino cat being groomed | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of the albino cat with a pink helmet around her head

Albino Cat Demonstrates Immense Bravery While Wearing Helmet Of Humiliation At The Groomer (Video)

Water sucks
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A 4 minute video of a kittens first reaction to carbonated water | Thumbnail includes a glass with water on a wooden table and a standing kitten

Coco The Kitten Reacts To Carbonated Water For The First Time Ever (Video)

What is all this fizzz?
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video of a parrot taking a shower in a bowl | thumbnail includes a picture of a parrot standing in a bowl with someone pouring water on top of it

Kind Russian Lady Gives Her Parrot A Bath In A Bowl (Video)

Absolutely awwdorable.
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funny stories of giving cats baths | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Debra Fisher I had a cat that had a thing for warm baths. We couldn't keep her out of them. The kids would start to fill the tub up, walk away, and return to find Scarlet O'Hairy standing in the bathwater with a blissful look on her face. "MOM! SCARLET'S IN MY BATH AGAIN!" I can't tell you how many times I heard that before I convinced the kids to shut the bathroom door so she couldn't get in'

When Cats Need Baths: A Small Collection Of Ridiculous Stories

It's a bad time for everyone involved.
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video of elephants in water | thumbnail image of elephants in water

Elephant Squad Gathers Together For A Chat In The Water (Video)

Mid day chat with the homies
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Facebook comments about cats' funny water drinking habits | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Rectangle - Dorothy Cho My cat will not drink tap water. She must have a clean water dish twice daily and you can only use high end bottled water. She must inspect the bottle water before you pour into her dish. If she does not want you that brand of water she will let you know Like · Reply Message 1d'

Cats And Their Ridiculously Pompous Water Drinking Habits

Why u so picky? Just drink.
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tweets of animals behind glasses of water thumbnail includes two pictures of distorted parrots behind glasses of water and one tweet 'Liquid - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob whenever i'm having a bad day i just google birds behind glasses of water and it helps 12:42 AM Apr 4, 2021 Twitter Web App 78.2K Retweets 1,482 Quote Tweets 440.6K Likes'

Funny Animals Behind Glasses Of Water (Viral Tweets)

Adorable and hilarious.
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tumblr posts about getting cats to drink more water thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - straightboyfriend Follow i was worried my cat is dehydrated because i never see him drink water so i've started leaving a cup of water that's "mine" (aka he sees me drink out of it once before he does) in my room so he thinks he is being a rebellious naughty by drinking out of it but rlly he is just following my plan & being hydrated .'

Getting Cats To Drink More Water: Funny Yet Informative Tumblr Posts

gotta make sure they're hydrated sOmeHOw
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cat who loves to shower - thumbnail of cat in the shower and happy

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Winnie, The Showering Kitty

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video of a cat taking a bath and turning off the water thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat taking a bath with its paw on the faucet

Cat Taking A Bath Figures Out How To Turn Off Faucet (Video)

smart kitty cat
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