I Can Has Cheezburger?


2 TikTok videos of cats watching their owner eat a bowl of cereal and tilting their heads | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of grey and white cats tilting their heads as their human eats cereal

Head Tilts And Tons Of Cat Confusion As Hooman Devours A Bowl Of Cereal

So... you're not going to share?
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A TikTok video of nosy cats staring at a dog and 13 funny comments | Thumbnail includes two cats staring at a dog from a fence and a woman petting a dog playing on the ground

Neighbors Have A Doggo Over, Nosy Neighborhood Cat Watch Is Confused By The Visitor

Well there goes the neighborhood
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2 TikToks and wholesome comments about a cat and a bearded dragon that love window watching | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat and a bearded dragon window watching 'they will just sit like this'

A Heartwarming Bond Between A Cat And A Bearded Dragon That Love Window Watching

Such a special little bond
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12 photos and videos of cats and dogs watching their human's in the bathroom | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat peeking through a door 'no u dont understand i have to watch u poop'

Cats Follow Their Owners To The Bathroom To Protect Them From Dangerous Bathroom Things

I protec from danger
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imgur thread about a cat constantly watching its human | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat looking into the camera 'Feels like I'm always being watched... udontknow'

Thread: Suspicious And Funny Cat Is Always Watching Its Human

Something is v sus.
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rats cats fighting watching waiting animals video viral weird wtf strange unusual

Cat Silently Watches As Two Rats Fight (Video)

This is so odd
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funny animals food pics

Pets That Don't Want Our Food, They Just Want To Look At It.. Closely

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cats cat watching a documentary show on TV

15 Cats Who Just Can't Stop Watching The New "Our Planet" Documentary

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super bowl Puppy Bowl funny tweets watching - 7670533

People Share Photos Proving That Some Pups Enjoyed Watching The PuppyBowl Just As Much As Humans Did

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watching TV tv shows photos TV watching Cats - 6604805

You Wouldn't Believe Which TV Shows Cats Are Hooked On

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animals watching tv

Netflix And Chill In The Animal Kingdom (17 Hilarious Memes)

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photos of a stalker dog

Meet The Stalker Dog That’s Always Watching (19 Creepy Photos)

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technology savvy gorilla watches cellphone videos with zoo visitor

The “TED Gorilla” is Becoming a Star Again When Caught Watching Cellphone Videos With Zoo Visitors

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Creepy cats that are watching you

Stalking Cats That Are Always Watching (27 Lurking Cats)

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NSA Cat Is Always Watching

satellite watching Cats - 9022138112
Via Franebowitz
twitter sports Puppy Bowl TV watching - 1491717

14 Sports-Loving Dogs That Tuned in for the Biggest Game of the Year

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